January 25, 2021

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index of first reading articles

1986 - PRESENT

This index includes every article in First Reading since its inception in 1986, organized by subject matter.  Issues of First Reading from June 2000 to the present are available for download and linked.  Contact the Research Unit for availability of articles from older issues.  Abstracts of reports required to be filed with the General Assembly, which are included in each issue, are not included in this index.

motor vehicles; transportation

50 States' DUI Penalties-May 94, p. 1
ATV Laws Vary Widely by State-Jun 2016, p.4
Average Annual Insurance Cost for a Private Car (1987)-May 89, p. 6
California Law Addresses Car Data Recorders-Apr 2004, p.1
California Proposition Shakes Up Insurers-May 89, p. 5
"Complete Streets" Laws Address Changing Road Uses-Mar 2019, p.4
Congress and Illinois Plan Transportation Improvements-Apr 2004, p. 5
DUI Alcohol Threshold-Dec 87, p. 1
DUI Rates of Truckers-May 87, p. 12
Federal Board Calls for Ban on Cell Phones When Driving-Mar 2012, p.3
Google Glass Raises Driving Safety Issues-May 2014, p.1
Illinois Fights Rail Crossing Deaths-May 91, p. 13
Illinois Taxes on Motor Fuels are Near Average-Mar 2009, p.1
Ignition Interlock Devices Gain in Use-Jun 2005, p. 1
License Plates Authorized-Jul 2002, p. 24
"Price Gouging" Laws Vary Widely-Jan 2006, p. 8
Seat Belt Law Effects-May 87, p. 11
Snowmobile Laws May Need More Attention-Jan 95, p. 1
Special License Plates, Major Bills Passed by the Illinois General Assembly-Oct 2007, p. 29
State Laws Address All-Terrain Vehicles-Sep 96, p. 1
States Address Road Funding in Lean Years-Mar 2015, p. 5
States Move to Stop Flying Under the Influence-Mar 92, p. 5
States Oversee Recreational Boat Safety-Sep 96, p. 20
States Vehicle Registration Fee Systems Vary Widely-Mar 2009, p. 3
Updated on 0.08% Blood Alcohol Content Laws-May 94, p. 16
Very-High Speed Rail has Potential in Illinois-Sep 89, p. 4

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