January 25, 2021

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index of first reading articles

1986 - PRESENT

This index includes every article in First Reading since its inception in 1986, organized by subject matter.  Issues of First Reading from June 2000 to the present are available for download and linked.  Contact the Research Unit for availability of articles from older issues.  Abstracts of reports required to be filed with the General Assembly, which are included in each issue, are not included in this index.


50-State School Funding Comparison-Dec 91, p. 5
Can Courts Order Legislatures to Change Schools?-Nov 90, p. 1
Charter Schools Change Public Education-May 95, p. 3
Chicago School Reform Law to Be Fixed-Jan 91, p. 1
College Savings Programs Spread-Apr 88, p. 6
Community Colleges in Some States Offer 4-Year Degrees-Dec 2017, p. 1
Descriptive Statistics on Illinois Public Schools-Jun 2004, p. 1
Illinois Near Average in School Funding-Jan 91, p. 1
Illinois Plans Education Strategy-Mar 92, p. 1
International Educational Spending Comparison-Dec 91, p. 6
Kentucky School Reform Starts-May 90, p. 4
Kentucky School Reorganization is Near-Apr 90, p. 20
Michigan Drastically Alters School Funding-Mar 94, p. 16
Michigan Restructures its School Taxes-May 95, p. 1
“Moment Of Silence” Laws Are Common-and Controversial-Jan 2008, p. 1
More States Restrict Corporal Punishment-Jun 90, p. 10
More Schools Operate Year-Round-Feb 91, p. 8
Narrowing the Gap Between Skills and Jobs-Jul 89, p. 1
Nation’s School Reforms Get Evaluated-May 90, p. 6
Parents and Students Seek School Choice-Dec 89, p. 1
School Asbestos Needs and Costs-Jun 88, p. 14
School District Reorganization Options in Illinois-Dec 2015, p. 1
School Dropout Problem Worsens-May 88, p. 1
School Funding, Like Everything Else, is Different in California-Dec 89, p. 1
School Income Tax is Again Considered-Jan 91, p. 6
Some States Aid Private Education-Nov 93, p. 16
Some States Control School Labor Disputes-May 95, p. 16
Some State's Restrict Teacher Strikes-Mar 92, p. 1
States Address School Cyberbullying-Jun 2014, p. 1
States Experiment with School Choice-Dec 92, p. 1
States Tie Teacher Pay Raises to Results-May 92, p. 1
States Try to Keep Students in School-Jun 90, p. 7
States' Higher Education Systems Vary in Level of Oversight-Jun 2019, p. 1
The School Aid Formula: A Primer Updated-Nov 90, p. 9; Jan/Feb 93, p. 1

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