January 25, 2021

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index of first reading articles

1986 - PRESENT

This index includes every article in First Reading since its inception in 1986, organized by subject matter.  Issues of First Reading from June 2000 to the present are available for download and linked.  Contact the Research Unit for availability of articles from older issues.  Abstracts of reports required to be filed with the General Assembly, which are included in each issue, are not included in this index.


Book Review: Fixing Illinois, Politics and Policy in the Prairie State-Oct 2015, p. 24
California Press Gets Low Marks from Pols-Feb 88, p. 14
Census Data Can Help Legislators-Apr 2000, p. 1
County Data Book Available Soon-Nov 93, p. 14
Early Retirement Update-Oct 2002, p. 1
Harriet Tubman: "Moses of her people"-Feb 2018, p. 1
How the Census Bureau Makes its Projections-Apr 2000, p. 3
How’s Phil?-Jun 90, p. 3
Illinois Gets New Statutory Compilation-Dec 92, p. 10
Illinois Population Grows Slightly-May 88, p. 9
Martin Luther King, Jr.: Nonviolence in Action-Feb 2017, p. 1
"Net Neutrality" Controversy Continues-Mar 2019, p. 2
Phil Callahan-Sep 90, p. 24
Population Changes for Illinois Counties-Apr 91, p. 11
Riverboat Gambling Update-Dec 92, p. 1
States Tackle "Revenge Porn"-Jun 2014, p. 4
States Try Various Remedies for Dangerous Dogs-Mar 2014, p. 11
The Literary Governor Thompson-Mar 88, p. 8
Videotapes from NCSL-Feb 88, p. 15
William Wozniak Memorial Fund-Sep 2004, p. 24

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