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index of first reading articles

1986 - PRESENT

This index includes every article in First Reading since its inception in 1986, organized by subject matter.  Issues of First Reading from June 2000 to the present are available for download and linked.  Contact the Research Unit for availability of articles from older issues.  Abstracts of reports required to be filed with the General Assembly, which are included in each issue, are not included in this index.

constitution and courts

1970 Vote for Merit Selection-Apr 88, p. 5
Abortion Case Won’t Reimpose Illinois Ban-Apr 89, p. 11
Bills on Public Funding of Judicial Campaigns-May 2009, p. 5
Can Courts Order Legislatures to Change Schools?-Nov 90, p. 1
Court Subdivision Law is Struck Down-Nov 90, p. 7
Eminent Domain: State Responses to Kelo-Jan 2006, p. 1
Explanation of Abortion-Clinic Settlement-Dec 89, p. 10
General Assembly Proposes Constitutional Amendment-Jun 2016, p. 8
Greylord Legacy: Recommendations for Court Reform-Dec 88, p. 4
Illinois and Texas School Finance Cases-Dec 89, p. 8
Illinois to Have Statewide Grand Juries-Jan 90, p. 12
Legislative Resolutions to Amend Constitution-Apr 88, p. 3
LRB Surveys Court Decisions-Apr 98, p. 1
"Merit" Selection Proposals Are Presented Again-Apr 88, p. 1
More Courts Strike Down School Finance Laws-Oct 89, p. 1
Proposed Constitutional Amendment Would Restrict Pension Increases-Aug 2012, p. 15
"Right to Die" Controversy Intensifies-Jul 90, p. 1
September 1987 Poll on Constitutional Convention-Apr 88, p. 2
Shakman II Reversed by Appeals Court-Oct 87, p. 1
Slight Drop in Judicial Retention-Dec 88, p. 5
State Clemency Provisions Vary Widely-May 2003, p. 1
State May Have New Constitutional Convention-Apr 88, p. 1
Summary of Seventh Circuit Decision on Concealed Carry-Mar 2013, p. 4
Summary of Supreme Court’s Abortion Ruling-Jul 89, p. 1
Summary of Laws and Constitutional Provisions Affecting Older Prisoners-Apr 2008, p. 5
Supreme Court Rejects Patronage for State Employees-Jul 90, p. 1
Supreme Court Rejects Employer Fetal-Protection Rule-Jun 91, p. 12
Supreme Court Sends Districts Back to Commission-Dec 91, p. 1
Three Constitutional Proposals on Ballot-Oct 88, p. 3
Two Constitutional Amendments Go on Ballot-Jun 92, p. 1
Voters Get Two Constitutional Amendment Proposals-Sep 94, p. 23

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