January 25, 2021

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index of first reading articles

1986 - PRESENT

This index includes every article in First Reading since its inception in 1986, organized by subject matter.  Issues of First Reading from June 2000 to the present are available for download and linked.  Contact the Research Unit for availability of articles from older issues.  Abstracts of reports required to be filed with the General Assembly, which are included in each issue, are not included in this index.

environment; energy and science

Animal Rights Movement Grows-Feb 89, p. 12
Automobile Testing Begins to Have Effects-May 88- p. 11
Biodiesel Production, Testing, and Markets-May 94, p. 1
Biotechnology Could Help Treat Waste-Aug 91, p. 1
Bottle Laws Are Controversial, But May Work-Nov 90, p. 1
Bottle Laws Enjoy New Popularity-Jan 92, p. 16
Cities Charge for Trash Removal by the Bag-Jul 90, p. 16
Coal, Corn, and Clean Air-Dec 87, p. 2
Congress Seeks Cleaner Air-Apr 90, p. 1
Costs of Using Illinois vs. Western Coal-Feb 91, p. 1
Counties with Excess Waste-Feb 88, p. 9
Effort Continues to Cut CFC Emissions-Jun 91, p. 1
Genetic Engineering has Big Potential in Illinois-Sep 88, p. 1
Gestation Stalls for Sows Bring Controversy-May 2012, p. 6
How States Compare in Debt Per Capita-May 2004, p. 5
Illinois Addresses the Waste Crush-Jan 92, p. 1
Illinois Plans for Electric Demand-Sep 89, p. 1
Illinois Plans for More Electric Demand-Jan 92, p. 8
Illinois to Join "Clean Indoor Air" States-Jan 90, p. 1
Lake Michigan Water Withdrawal-Apr 87, p. 12
Mine Subsidence Damage Continues-May 90, p. 9
Newsprint Recycling Suffers Growing Pains-Apr 92, p. 1
New Uses for Crops-Dec 87, p. 1
Ozone Depletion Worries Many-Jul 89, p. 16
Plans Accelerate for Superconducting Super Collider-Oct 88, p 1
Recycling of Electronics is Promoted by 2008 Law-May 2011, p. 1
Solid Waste Management and Recycling Programs-Feb 88, p. 8
Solid Waste Management in Illinois-Feb 88, p. 1
State Agencies Save Energy in Buildings-Jun 2001, p. 1
State Debt Structure Analysis-May 2004, p. 1
State May Need More Scientists by 2000-Feb 90, p. 1
The Crunch in the U.S. Waste-Feb 88, p.1
U.S. Animal Use in Research and Testing (1983)-Feb 89, p. 12
Will Landfill Ban Spur Composting of Yard Waste-Apr 90, p. 5
Zebra Mussel Becomes a Great Lakes Pest-May 91, p. 8

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