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Full Text of SB2814  99th General Assembly


Rep. Robert Rita

Adopted in House on Dec 01, 2016





09900SB2814ham009LRB099 19990 JWD 51934 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 2814, AS AMENDED,
3with reference to page and line numbers of House Amendment No.
44 as follows:
5on page 5, line 1, by replacing "For purposes of this Section,
6"prevailing" with the following:
7        "(Blank)."; and
8on page 5, by deleting lines 2 through 8; and
9on page 5, line 9, by deleting "similar character on public
10works."; and
11on page 5, line 13, by replacing "located in" with the
13    "located in this State. The Agency may qualify renewable
14    energy credits from facilities located in states adjacent



09900SB2814ham009- 2 -LRB099 19990 JWD 51934 a

1    to Illinois if the generator demonstrates and the Agency
2    determines that the operation of such facility or
3    facilities will help promote the State's interest in the
4    health, safety, and welfare of its residents based on the
5    public interest criteria described above. To ensure that
6    the public interest criteria are applied to the procurement
7    and given full effect, the Agency's long-term procurement
8    plan shall describe in detail how each public interest
9    factor shall be considered and weighted for facilities
10    located in states adjacent to Illinois."; and
11on page 5, by deleting lines 14 through 24; and
12on page 6, by deleting lines 1 through 7; and
13on page 6, line 8, by deleting "facilities located in other
14states."; and
15on page 7, line 5, by replacing "The owner" with "(Blank).";
17on page 7, by deleting lines 6 through 10; and
18on page 7, line 11, by deleting "a procurement event under this
19subsection (c)."; and



09900SB2814ham009- 3 -LRB099 19990 JWD 51934 a

1on page 18, line 21, by deleting "a"; and
2on page 29, line 26, before the period, by inserting "provided
3that, beginning with the February 15, 2021 report and for each
4report thereafter, the period of time covered by such
5projection shall not extend beyond December 31, 2030"; and
6on page 56, line 10, before "The", by inserting "(i)".