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Full Text of SB2814  99th General Assembly


Rep. Robert Rita

Adopted in House on Dec 01, 2016





09900SB2814ham008LRB099 19990 JWD 51932 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 2814, AS AMENDED,
3with reference to page and line numbers of House Amendment No.
43 as follows:
5on page 18, line 26, by replacing "30" with "180"; and
6on page 50, by replacing lines 5 through 9 with "at public
7buildings."; and
8on page 50, by replacing lines 12 through 15 with "located in
9environmental justice communities. Contracts entered into
10under"; and
11on page 56, immediately below line 12, by inserting the
13    "As used in this subsection (b), "low-income households"
14means persons and families whose income does not exceed 80% of



09900SB2814ham008- 2 -LRB099 19990 JWD 51932 a

1area median income, adjusted for family size and revised every
25 years."; and
3on page 77, line 21, by replacing "120" with "160"; and
4on page 82,by deleting lines 17 through 21; and
5by replacing line 24 on page 82 through line 3 on page 83 with
6"after June 1, 2017."; and
7on page 83, by deleting lines 8 through 11; and
8on page 87, line 10, by replacing "120" with "160"; and
9on page 177, line 8, before the period, by inserting ",
10provided that such increase shall also incorporate reductions
11to goals and budgets to reflect the proportion of the utility's
12load attributable to customers who are exempt from this Section
13under subsection (m) of this Section"; and
14on page 178, immediately below line 5, by inserting the
16    "(m) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, after May
1731, 2017, this Section does not apply to any retail customers
18of an electric utility that serves more than 3,000,000 retail
19customers in the State and whose total highest 30 minute demand



09900SB2814ham008- 3 -LRB099 19990 JWD 51932 a

1was more than 10,000 kilowatts, or any retail customers of an
2electric utility that serves less than 3,000,000 retail
3customers but more than 500,000 retail customers in the State
4and whose total highest 15 minute demand was more than 10,000
5kilowatts. For purposes of this subsection (m), "retail
6customer" has the meaning set forth in Section 16-102 of this
7Act. The criteria for determining whether this subsection (m)
8is applicable to a retail customer shall be based on the 12
9consecutive billing periods prior to the start of the first
10year of each such multi-year plan."; and
11on page 386, line 14, by replacing "$1,000,000" with