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Representative Robyn Gabel (D), 18th District
Robyn Gabel is a Sponsor on all bills listed below.
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
HB579Robyn GabelREGULATION-TECHHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/27/2023
HB1124Michelle MussmanSCH CD-DYSLEXIAHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/27/2023
HB1245Justin SlaughterDPT RETURNING RESIDENT AFFAIRSHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/27/2023
HB1363Will GuzzardiGENDER VIOLENCE-EMPLOYER DUTYSReferred to Assignments3/24/2023
HB1445Robyn GabelEDUCATION-TECHHReferred to Rules Committee1/31/2023
HB1565Katie StuartINS-VAGINAL ESTROGEN COVERAGESReferred to Assignments3/24/2023
HB1571Kelly M. CassidyCEMETERIES-DISINTERMENTSReferred to Assignments3/27/2023
HB1591Kelly M. CassidyMARRIAGE-PROHIBITIONS-REPEALSReferred to Assignments3/21/2023
HB2173Robyn GabelMEDICAID-COMM MENTAL HEALTHHTo Medicaid & Managed Care Subcommittee3/9/2023
HB2189Will GuzzardiACCESS TO AFFORD INSULIN ACTSReferred to Assignments3/24/2023
HB2289Robyn GabelFIRST 2023 GENERAL REVISORYSReferred to Assignments3/27/2023
HB2328Robyn GabelJUV-PLACEMENT-YOUTH SERVICESHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/10/2023
HB2329Robyn GabelVEH CD-ELECTRIC SCOOTERSHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/10/2023
HB2347Rita MayfieldJUV CT-COMMITMENT-AGEHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/27/2023
HB2370Robyn GabelMEDICAID-MC/DD RATE INCREASESHAssigned to Appropriations-Health & Human Services Committee2/28/2023
HB2371Robyn GabelPUBLIC AID-TECHHReferred to Rules Committee2/14/2023
HB2376Jennifer Gong-GershowitzEPA-DISPOSABLE FOOD CONTAINERSSReferred to Assignments3/22/2023
HB2396Mary Beth CantySCH CD-FULL DAY KINDERGARTENSReferred to Assignments3/27/2023
HB2619Robyn GabelNURSING HOME-TRANSFER NOTICESReferred to Assignments3/22/2023
HB2963Bradley FrittsDIXON PARK DIST-SOLAR PANELSSReferred to Assignments3/23/2023
HB3036Will GuzzardiINS-PROSTHETIC DEVICE COVERAGEHReferred to Rules Committee2/16/2023
HB3131Lilian JiménezWORKPLACE COVID-19 SAFETY ACTHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/27/2023
HB3203Tony M. McCombiePREVENT FENTANYL EXPOSURESReferred to Assignments3/23/2023
HB3424Kevin John OlickalGENERAL ASSISTANCE-TOWNSHIPSReferred to Assignments3/27/2023
HB3508Anna MoellerPFAS REDUCTION-FOREVER PATHWAYSReferred to Assignments3/27/2023
HB3560Janet Yang RohrUTIL-BOARD ELECT/DOC RETENTIONHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/10/2023
HB3627Charles MeierSOIL HEALTH WEEKSReferred to Assignments3/23/2023
HB3750Barbara HernandezEDUC-EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTIONHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/10/2023
HB3975Robyn GabelMEDICAID-VENTILATOR RATESHTo Medicaid & Managed Care Subcommittee3/9/2023
HR36Robyn GabelHOUSE RULES 103rdHReferred to Rules Committee2/7/2023
HR91Anne Stava-MurrayINTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAYHPlaced on Calendar Order of Resolutions3/16/2023
HR92Jeff KeicherPRESCRIBED BURNING MONTHHResolution Adopted3/30/2023
HR101Emanuel "Chris" WelchHONORS-REP. FRANCES ANN HURLEYHResolution Adopted2/28/2023
HR110Robyn GabelELECT DOORKEEPER-NICOLE HILLHResolution Adopted by Voice Vote3/23/2023
HR132Anna MoellerEQUAL PAY DAYHPlaced on Calendar Order of Resolutions3/30/2023
HR139Robyn GabelMEMORIAL-GEORGE HOVANECHResolution Adopted3/16/2023
HR142Emanuel "Chris" WelchRED CROSS MONTH/DAYHReferred to Rules Committee3/21/2023
HJR7Michael T. MarronCOLLEGE INSURANCE TASK FORCEHPlaced on Calendar Order of Resolutions3/22/2023
HJR9Robyn GabelJOINT SESSION-BUDGET MESSAGEHAdopted Both Houses2/15/2023
HJR19Robyn GabelADJOURN HOUSE & SENATESResolution Adopted2/23/2023
HJR20Jennifer Gong-GershowitzAFFIRM EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENTHPlaced on Calendar Order of Resolutions3/16/2023
HJR24Robyn GabelADJOURN HOUSE & SENATESResolution Adopted3/10/2023
HJR27Robyn GabelADJOURN HOUSE & SENATESResolution Adopted3/31/2023
SB40Sara FeigenholtzELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING ACTHReferred to Rules Committee3/30/2023
SJR25Mattie HunterADJOURN HOUSE & SENATESAdopted Both Houses2/8/2023
SJR27Mattie HunterADJOURN HOUSE & SENATESAdopted Both Houses2/16/2023
JSR1Robyn GabelCOMMITTEE-INVITE GOVERNORHResolution Adopted2/15/2023