Illinois General Assembly
Illinois General Assembly

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Representative Aaron M. Ortiz (D), 1st District
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
HB2794Aaron M. OrtizAGING-HOMEMAKER SERVICES-RATESHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3275Aaron M. OrtizLOW INCOME BROADBAND PROGRAMHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3281Aaron M. OrtizSCH CD-NATURALIZATION TESTHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 102-04728/20/2021
HB3282Aaron M. OrtizSCH CD-ELEMENTARY SCHOOL-PLAYHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3284Aaron M. OrtizHUMAN RIGHTS-EMPLOYMENT-NOTICEHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3285Aaron M. OrtizFAIR WORKWEEK ACTHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3286Aaron M. OrtizLANGUAGE ASSISTANCE SERVICESHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3291Aaron M. OrtizELEC CODE-EARLY VOTE PARKINGHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3494Aaron M. OrtizJUV-REPEAL ADULT CT TRANSFERHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3771Aaron M. OrtizPROP TX-FIRST RESPONDERSHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3775Aaron M. OrtizFREE RIDES-ELECTION DAYHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3776Aaron M. OrtizCOVID-19 SAFETY RESPONSE ACTHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3777Aaron M. OrtizINS-PRIOR AUTHORIZATION-COVIDHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3778Aaron M. OrtizPRESCRIPTION DRUG AD BANHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3780Aaron M. OrtizHORSE RACING-ADW STUDYHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3784Aaron M. OrtizINFORMED CONSENTHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB4095Aaron M. OrtizEDUCATION DEBT COLLECTIONHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB4222Aaron M. OrtizSCH CD-DRESS CODE POLICYHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB5004Aaron M. OrtizNONCITIZEN STATUTORY REFERENCEHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB5135Aaron M. OrtizINC TX-CHILD CREDITHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB5136Aaron M. OrtizPENCD-DNST FIRE-RECIPROCAL ACTHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB5137Aaron M. OrtizAGING-HOMEMAKER WAGE INCREASEHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HR636Aaron M. OrtizOUT OF SCHOOL PROGRAMS-SUPPORTHResolution Adopted4/4/2022
SB654Robert PetersSCH CD-STUDENT PLAY TIMESPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 102-03578/13/2021
SB2193Elgie R. Sims, Jr.FREIGHT CONTAINER BURGLARYSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 102-05468/20/2021
SB2665Celina VillanuevaIMMIGRANT IMPACT TASK FORCESPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 102-02368/2/2021