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Full Text of SB3636  103rd General Assembly


Sen. Bill Cunningham

Filed: 3/7/2024





10300SB3636sam001LRB103 39306 CES 70126 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 3636 on page 1,
3line 6, by deleting "and 1-94"; and
4on page 7, immediately below line 23, by inserting the
6    ""Availability" means the percentage of time the energy
7storage system is capable of charging or discharging."; and
8on page 12, by replacing lines 7 through 10 with "contract
9under Section 1-93."; and
10on page 15, by replacing lines 3 and 4 with "one megawatt of
11energy storage capacity each month that the contracted
12energy"; and
13on page 17, by replacing line 16 with "capacity for the
14expected duration of"; and



10300SB3636sam001- 2 -LRB103 39306 CES 70126 a

1on page 19, immediately below line 11, by inserting the
3    ""Independent engineer" means a neutral, third-party
4engineer engaged in designing energy storage projects."; and
5on page 20, immediately below line 1, by inserting the
7    ""Measured capacity" means the output of an energy storage
8system measured in megawatts at the point of change of control
9between the energy storage system and the utility.
10    "Measured duration" means the output of an energy storage
11system measured in megawatt hours divided by the measured
12capacity at the point of change of control between the energy
13storage system and the utility.
14    "Measured round-trip efficiency" means the ratio of the
15energy discharged from the energy storage system to the energy
16delivered to it during the charging process, expressed as a
17percentage."; and
18on page 20, by deleting lines 2 through 10; and
19on page 22, by deleting lines 15 through 25; and
20on page 36, immediately below line 14, by inserting the



10300SB3636sam001- 3 -LRB103 39306 CES 70126 a

1        "(30) To buy and sell, in the PJM and MISO markets, all
2    products that contracted energy storage systems are
3    capable of producing. All revenues obtained by the Agency
4    shall be used to offset the energy storage payments."; and
5on page 37, line 6, after "2024", by inserting "with an energy
6storage duration of at least 4 hours"; and
7on page 37, line 8, after "2026", by inserting "with an energy
8storage duration of at least 4 hours"; and
9by deleting line 14 on page 39 through line 10 on page 40; and
10on page 80, immediately below line 25, by inserting the
12            "(v) Once every contract year, an independent
13        engineer shall verify the measured capacity, the
14        measured round-trip efficiency, and the measured
15        duration of the contracted energy storage system. If
16        the measured capacity is less than the energy storage
17        capacity, the energy storage system has 3 months to
18        cure the problem or the Agency shall reduce the energy
19        storage capacity to the measured capacity. If the
20        measured duration is less than the energy storage
21        duration, the energy storage system has 3 months to
22        cure the problem or the Agency shall reduce the energy



10300SB3636sam001- 4 -LRB103 39306 CES 70126 a

1        storage capacity to the measured duration. If the
2        availability of the energy storage system in any 2
3        consecutive years drops below 80%, the contract may be
4        terminated by the Agency. If the availability of the
5        energy storage system drops below 85% in a month, the
6        energy storage credit will be reduced by the
7        availability of the energy storage system multiplied
8        by the energy storage credit value.".