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Full Text of HB3882  103rd General Assembly


Rep. Barbara Hernandez

Filed: 3/15/2023





10300HB3882ham001LRB103 26790 MXP 58992 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 3882 on page 9,
3line 5, by removing "8,"; and
4on page 11, line 25, by replacing ""Not for Federal
5Identification"" with ""Federal Limits Apply" "Not for Federal
6Identification""; and
7on page 17, line 12, by replacing "one" with "a social security
8number"; and
9on page 18, lines 2, 7, and 21, by replacing "one" each time it
10appears with "a social security number"; and
11on page 19, lines 4, 21, and 26, by replacing "one" each time
12it appears with "a social security number"; and
13on page 27, line 9, by replacing "one" with "a social security



10300HB3882ham001- 2 -LRB103 26790 MXP 58992 a

1number"; and
2on page 30, line 17, after "card", by inserting "who does not
3have a social security number or documentation issued by the
4United States Department of Homeland Security authorizing the
5applicant's presence in this country"; and
6on page 30, line 21, after the period, by inserting "Any such
7documents must be either unexpired or presented by an
8applicant within 2 years of its expiration date."; and
9by removing line 24 on page 30 through line 25 on page 32; and
10on page 37, line 13, after "following", by inserting ", to the
11extent that production of such information or documents is
12specifically required"; and
13on page 37, by replacing lines 19 and 20 with "federal or State
14court."; and
15on page 38, line 14, by removing "6-115,"; and
16on page 39, by replacing lines 22 through 24 with "REAL ID
17compliant driver's license issued to a person who is not a
18permanent resident or citizen of the United States, or an
19individual who has an approved application for asylum in the



10300HB3882ham001- 3 -LRB103 26790 MXP 58992 a

1United States or has entered the United States in refugee
2status, and marked"; and
3on page 45, line 9, after "and", by inserting ", on the date of
4application,"; and
5on page 45, line 21, by removing "and"; and
6on page 45, line 26, by replacing the period with the
8        ", as long as such documents are either unexpired or
9        presented by an applicant within 2 years of its
10        expiration date; and
11            (C) a social security card, if the applicant has a
12        social security number."; and
13on page 46, by removing lines 17 through 23; and
14on page 47, by replacing lines 5 and 6 with the following:
15    "(d) Any male United States citizen or immigrant who
16applies for any permit or license authorized to"; and
17on page 47, by replacing lines 9 through 12 with "years of age,
18must be registered in compliance with the requirements of the
19federal Military Selective Service Act. The Secretary of State
20must forward in an"; and



10300HB3882ham001- 4 -LRB103 26790 MXP 58992 a

1on page 52, line 14, after "following", by inserting ", to the
2extent that production of such information or documents is
3specifically required"; and
4on page 52, by replacing lines 20 and 21 with "federal or State
5court."; and
6by removing line 15 on page 53 through line 24 on page 57.