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Full Text of HB4139  102nd General Assembly


Rep. Sue Scherer

Filed: 2/16/2022





10200HB4139ham001LRB102 19996 RJT 36239 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 4139 as follows:
3on page 1, by replacing line 13 with the following:
4"teachers and students pursuing a career as a public school
5teacher for the tuition and mandatory fees they paid to a"; and
6on page 2, by replacing lines 3 through 13 with the following:
7        "(2) has:
8            (A) satisfactorily completed a State-approved
9        educator preparation program at a public institution
10        of higher learning in this State;
11            (B) enrolled in a State-approved educator
12        preparation program at a public institution of higher
13        learning in this State; or
14            (C) plans to enroll in a State-approved educator
15        preparation program at a public institution of higher
16        learning in this State;



10200HB4139ham001- 2 -LRB102 19996 RJT 36239 a

1        (3) for an applicant under subparagraph (A) of
2    paragraph (2) of this subsection (b):
3            (A) holds a Professional Educator License;
4            (B) is actively employed in a full-time teaching
5        position in any grade or subject in a public school
6        located in this State; and
7            (C) was actively employed in a full-time teaching
8        position in any grade or subject in a public school
9        located in this State for the full school year
10        immediately preceding the applicant's submission of an
11        application to participate in the program; and"; and
12on page 2, line 14, by replacing "(6)" with "(4)"; and
13on page 3, immediately below line 24, by inserting the
15    "(h) A public institution of higher learning shall provide
16billing information to the recipient of a grant under this
17Section. The recipient shall give the provided billing
18information to the Commission.
19    (i) The Commission shall organize and update a database
20every year of grant recipients and payments made under this
21Section."; and
22on page 3, line 25, by replacing "(h)" with "(j)".