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Full Text of SB0211  100th General Assembly


Sen. Laura M. Murphy

Filed: 4/20/2018





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 211, AS AMENDED, by
3replacing everything after the enacting clause with the
5    "Section 5. The Illinois Lottery Law is amended by changing
6Section 9 as follows:
7    (20 ILCS 1605/9)  (from Ch. 120, par. 1159)
8    Sec. 9. The Director, as administrative head of the
9Department, shall direct and supervise all its administrative
10and technical activities. In addition to the duties imposed
11upon him elsewhere in this Act, it shall be the Director's
13        a. To supervise and administer the operation of the
14    lottery in accordance with the provisions of this Act or
15    such rules and regulations of the Department adopted
16    thereunder.



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1        b. To attend meetings of the Board or to appoint a
2    designee to attend in his stead.
3        c. To employ and direct such personnel in accord with
4    the Personnel Code, as may be necessary to carry out the
5    purposes of this Act. In addition, the Director may by
6    agreement secure such services as he or she may deem
7    necessary from any other department, agency, or unit of the
8    State government, and may employ and compensate such
9    consultants and technical assistants as may be required and
10    is otherwise permitted by law.
11        d. To license, in accordance with the provisions of
12    Sections 10 and 10.1 of this Act and the rules and
13    regulations of the Department adopted thereunder, as
14    agents to sell lottery tickets such persons as in his
15    opinion will best serve the public convenience and promote
16    the sale of tickets or shares. The Director may require a
17    bond from every licensed agent, in such amount as provided
18    in the rules and regulations of the Department. Every
19    licensed agent shall prominently display his license, or a
20    copy thereof, as provided in the rules and regulations of
21    the Department.
22        e. To suspend or revoke any license issued pursuant to
23    this Act or the rules and regulations promulgated by the
24    Department thereunder.
25        f. To confer regularly as necessary or desirable and
26    not less than once every month with the Lottery Control



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1    Board on the operation and administration of the Lottery;
2    to make available for inspection by the Board or any member
3    of the Board, upon request, all books, records, files, and
4    other information and documents of his office; to advise
5    the Board and recommend such rules and regulations and such
6    other matters as he deems necessary and advisable to
7    improve the operation and administration of the lottery.
8        g. To enter into contracts for the operation of the
9    lottery, or any part thereof, and into contracts for the
10    promotion of the lottery on behalf of the Department with
11    any person, firm or corporation, to perform any of the
12    functions provided for in this Act or the rules and
13    regulations promulgated thereunder. The Department shall
14    not expend State funds on a contractual basis for such
15    functions unless those functions and expenditures are
16    expressly authorized by the General Assembly.
17        h. To enter into an agreement or agreements with the
18    management of state lotteries operated pursuant to the laws
19    of other states for the purpose of creating and operating a
20    multi-state lottery game wherein a separate and distinct
21    prize pool would be combined to award larger prizes to the
22    public than could be offered by the several state
23    lotteries, individually. No tickets or shares offered in
24    connection with a multi-state lottery game shall be sold
25    within the State of Illinois, except those offered by and
26    through the Department. No such agreement shall purport to



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1    pledge the full faith and credit of the State of Illinois,
2    nor shall the Department expend State funds on a
3    contractual basis in connection with any such game unless
4    such expenditures are expressly authorized by the General
5    Assembly, provided, however, that in the event of error or
6    omission by the Illinois State Lottery in the conduct of
7    the game, as determined by the multi-state game directors,
8    the Department shall be authorized to pay a prize winner or
9    winners the lesser of a disputed prize or $1,000,000, any
10    such payment to be made solely from funds appropriated for
11    game prize purposes. The Department shall be authorized to
12    share in the ordinary operating expenses of any such
13    multi-state lottery game, from funds appropriated by the
14    General Assembly, and in the event the multi-state game
15    control offices are physically located within the State of
16    Illinois, the Department is authorized to advance start-up
17    operating costs not to exceed $150,000, subject to
18    proportionate reimbursement of such costs by the other
19    participating state lotteries. The Department shall be
20    authorized to share proportionately in the costs of
21    establishing a liability reserve fund from funds
22    appropriated by the General Assembly. The Department is
23    authorized to transfer prize award funds attributable to
24    Illinois sales of multi-state lottery game tickets to the
25    multi-state control office, or its designated depository,
26    for deposit to such game pool account or accounts as may be



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1    established by the multi-state game directors, the records
2    of which account or accounts shall be available at all
3    times for inspection in an audit by the Auditor General of
4    Illinois and any other auditors pursuant to the laws of the
5    State of Illinois. No multi-state game prize awarded to a
6    nonresident of Illinois, with respect to a ticket or share
7    purchased in a state other than the State of Illinois,
8    shall be deemed to be a prize awarded under this Act for
9    the purpose of taxation under the Illinois Income Tax Act.
10    The Department shall promulgate such rules as may be
11    appropriate to implement the provisions of this Section.
12        i. To make a continuous study and investigation of (1)
13    the operation and the administration of similar laws which
14    may be in effect in other states or countries, (2) any
15    literature on the subject which from time to time may be
16    published or available, (3) any Federal laws which may
17    affect the operation of the lottery, and (4) the reaction
18    of Illinois citizens to existing and potential features of
19    the lottery with a view to recommending or effecting
20    changes that will tend to serve the purposes of this Act.
21        j. To report monthly to the State Treasurer and the
22    Lottery Control Board a full and complete statement of
23    lottery revenues, prize disbursements and other expenses
24    for each month and the amounts to be transferred to the
25    Common School Fund pursuant to Section 7.2, and to make an
26    annual report, which shall include a full and complete



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1    statement of lottery revenues, prize disbursements and
2    other expenses, to the Governor and the Board. All reports
3    required by this subsection shall be public and copies of
4    all such reports shall be sent to the Speaker of the House,
5    the President of the Senate, and the minority leaders of
6    both houses.
7        k. To keep the name and municipality of residence of
8    the prize winner of a prize of $250,000 or greater
9    confidential upon the prize winner making a written request
10    that his or her name and municipality of residence be kept
11    confidential. The prize winner must submit his or her
12    written request at the time of claiming the prize. The
13    written request shall be in the form established by the
14    Department.
15(Source: P.A. 98-499, eff. 8-16-13; 99-933, eff. 1-27-17.)".