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HR0843LRB100 20645 MST 36088 r


2    WHEREAS, The Ford Heights Public Library District is
3located in the Village of Ford Heights, 15 miles south of the
4southern edge of the City of Chicago; it is considered one of
5the most disadvantaged suburbs in the United States; and
6    WHEREAS, The Ford Heights Public Library closed over 20
7years ago and the building was torn down from lack of money for
8upkeep; in 2009, the Glenwood-Lynwood Library District
9terminated its agreement to allow Ford Heights residents to use
10its library because of an alleged $50,000 debt incurred by Ford
11Heights; and
12    WHEREAS, In 2013, the Ford Heights Public Library District
13board president told the Chicago Tribune that she could find no
14financial history for the public library district after taking
15office; and
16    WHEREAS, Two years ago, an official with the
17Glenwood-Lynwood Public Library told the Chicago Tribune it
18severed ties with Ford Heights after discovering financial
19documents revealing hundreds of dollars in checks that were
20allegedly cashed for office supplies, when, at the time, the
21Ford Heights Public Library District had no office and no
22office personnel; and



HR0843- 2 -LRB100 20645 MST 36088 r

1    WHEREAS, The residents of Ford Heights pay $13,382 a year
2in property taxes to the public library district, but there is
3no public library and its residents cannot even get a library
4card; and
5    WHEREAS, Libraries provide essential services and
6resources to the communities in which they are located;
7libraries are a place of learning and fostering community,
8especially in poor communities, where public libraries may be
9the only place to access computers and the Internet; and
10    WHEREAS, The residents of Ford Heights deserve
11transparency and accountability for every tax dollar that is
12spent on their behalf; they deserve access to the wealth of
13knowledge that is provided by library books and access to
14library computers to search and apply for jobs or to enroll in
15community college classes; therefore, be it
18Auditor General is directed to conduct a performance audit of
19the Ford Heights Public Library District; and be it further
20    RESOLVED, That the audit include but not be limited to the



HR0843- 3 -LRB100 20645 MST 36088 r

1        (1) Whether the administrative expenses at the Ford
2    Heights Public Library District are justified based on the
3    services provided to the residents of Ford Heights;
4        (2) Whether the Ford Heights Public Library District
5    maintains documentation supporting its administrative
6    expenses;
7        (3) Whether there has been any use of public library
8    district funds that is not supported by adequate and
9    reasonable documentation; and
10        (4) What services are provided by the Ford Heights
11    Public Library District and whether service can be
12    improved; and be it further
13    RESOLVED, That the Ford Heights Public Library District and
14any other agency or entity having information relevant to this
15audit cooperate fully and promptly with the Auditor General
16during this review; and be it further
17    RESOLVED, That the Auditor General commence this audit as
18soon as possible and report his findings and recommendations
19upon completion in accordance with the provisions of Section
203-14 of the Illinois State Auditing Act.