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Full Text of HB4006  99th General Assembly


Sen. William R. Haine

Filed: 5/15/2015





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 4006 as follows:
3on page 2, line 4, immediately after "Act", by inserting "or
4moneys received from Social Security disability benefits"; and
5on page 2, by replacing line 10 with "and whose application is
6approved"; and
7on page 3, by removing lines 14 through 16; and
8on page 3, line 17, be replacing "Bailey Memorial Fund." with
9the following:
10"determine the amount of funds necessary. Any agent responsible
11for the collection of a tax or license fee and the rendering of
12the tax or license fee to the treasurer of the foreign fire
13insurance board or fire protection district secretary shall
14transfer the portion of these funds deemed necessary by the



09900HB4006sam001- 2 -LRB099 11163 MGM 35683 a

1Department of Insurance into the George Bailey Memorial Fund
2prior to rendering the tax or license fee to the treasurer of
3the foreign fire insurance board or fire protection district.
4These funds shall be transferred temporarily and repaid in
5full, without the deduction of the 20% administrative fee
6authorized in subsection (c) of Section 5, upon the receipt by
7the George Bailey Memorial Fund from the person or his or her
8estate, trust, or heirs of any moneys from a settlement for the
9injury that is the proximate cause of the person's disability
10under this Act or moneys received from Social Security
11disability benefits.".