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Full Text of HB2348  94th General Assembly


Sen. Christine Radogno

Filed: 5/10/2005





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2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 2348 on page 1, line
3 5, after "13B-55", by inserting "and adding Section 12-816";
4 and
5 on page 4, immediately below line 11, by inserting the
6 following:
7     "(625 ILCS 5/12-816 new)
8     Sec. 12-816. Post-trip inspection policy for school buses.
9     (a) In order to provide for the welfare and safety of
10 children who are transported on school buses throughout the
11 State of Illinois, each school district shall have in place, by
12 January 1, 2006, a policy to ensure that the school bus driver
13 is the last person leaving the bus and that no passenger is
14 left behind or remains on the vehicle at the end of a route, a
15 work shift, or the work day.
16     (b) If a school district has a contract with a private
17 sector school bus company for the transportation of the
18 district's students, the school district shall require in the
19 contract with the private sector company that the company have
20 a post-trip inspection policy in place. This policy and
21 procedure shall, at a minimum, require the school bus driver,
22 before leaving the bus at the end of each route, work shift, or
23 work day, to walk to the rear of the bus and check in and under
24 each seat for sleeping children.



09400HB2348sam001 - 2 - LRB094 10121 DRH 46223 a

1     (c) Before this inspection, the school bus driver shall
2 activate the interior lights of the bus to assist the driver in
3 seeing in and under the seats during a visual sweep of the bus.
4     (d) This policy may include, at the discretion of the
5 school district, the installation of a mechanical or electronic
6 post-trip inspection reminder system which requires the school
7 bus driver to walk to the rear of the bus to deactivate the
8 system before the driver leaves the bus. The system shall
9 require that when the driver turns off the vehicle's ignition
10 system, the vehicle's interior lights must illuminate to assist
11 the driver in seeing in and under the seats during a visual
12 sweep of the bus."; and
13 on page 6, by replacing lines 10 and 11 with the following:
14     "Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
15 becoming law, except that the changes to Sections 6-306.7 and
16 13B-55 of the Illinois Vehicle Code take effect on July 1,
17 2006.".