Illinois General Assembly
Illinois General Assembly

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Representative Mark L. Walker (D), 53rd District
Mark L. Walker is a Sponsor on all bills listed below.
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
HB34Rita MayfieldPROP TX-SURVIVING SPOUSEHTo Property Tax Subcommittee2/7/2019
HB205Karina VillaSCH MENTAL HEALTH INSTRUCTIONHPlaced on Calendar 2nd Reading - Short Debate2/7/2019
HB826Michael J. ZalewskiMUNICIPAL GAS USE TAXHTo Sales, Amusement & Other Taxes Subcommittee2/14/2019
HB833Fred CrespoPROP TX-SENIOR HOMESTEADHTo Property Tax Subcommittee2/14/2019
HB834Anna MoellerEQUAL PAY ACT-WAGE HISTORYHAssigned to Labor & Commerce Committee2/5/2019
HB838Michael HalpinKEEP ILLINOIS BUSINESS ACTHTo Income Tax Subcommittee2/14/2019
HB842Jehan Gordon-BoothPEORIA CO LAND BANK AUTHORITYHAssigned to Counties & Townships Committee2/5/2019
HB886Mark BatinickSEX OFFENDER REG-BATTERYHAssigned to Judiciary - Criminal Committee2/5/2019
HB887Daniel DidechFOID-DENIAL & REVOC-STALKINGHAssigned to Judiciary - Criminal Committee2/5/2019
HB899Kelly M. CassidyFIREARM OWNERS ID-REVOKEHAssigned to Judiciary - Criminal Committee2/5/2019
HB903Mark L. WalkerPORT DIST-FOREIGN TRADE ZONESHAssigned to International Trade & Commerce Committee2/5/2019
HB904Mark L. WalkerPORT DIST-FOREIGN TRADE ZONESHAssigned to International Trade & Commerce Committee2/5/2019
HB1448Maurice A. West IIPROP TAX-RESIDENTIAL ABATEMENTHAssigned to Revenue & Finance Committee2/13/2019
HB1466Gregory HarrisCONDO ACT-COMMON ELEMENTS-TAXHAssigned to Revenue & Finance Committee2/13/2019
HB1479Tony McCombieINC TX-JOB TRAINING CREDITHAssigned to Revenue & Finance Committee2/13/2019
HB1480Tony McCombieUSE TAX-MULTISTATEHAssigned to Revenue & Finance Committee2/13/2019
HB2040Kelly M. CassidyFOR-PROFIT CORRECTIONALHReferred to Rules Committee2/4/2019
HB2076Karina VillaEPA-BPA-BUSINESS RECORDSHReferred to Rules Committee2/5/2019
HB2495Kelly M. CassidyREPRODUCTIVE HEALTH ACTHReferred to Rules Committee2/13/2019
HB2533Theresa MahTRANSPORTATION BENEFIT PROGRAMHReferred to Rules Committee2/13/2019
HB2699Mark L. WalkerMORTGAGE ACT-AUTHORIZED PERSONHReferred to Rules Committee2/14/2019
HB2971Mark L. WalkerTECHNOLOGY-SMART HANDGUNSHReferred to Rules Committee2/14/2019
HB2972Mark L. WalkerGA-HEALTH CARE CLOSE OUTHReferred to Rules Committee2/14/2019
HB2973Mark L. WalkerINC TAX-STUDENT LOANHReferred to Rules Committee2/14/2019
HB3318Mark L. WalkerVENTURE CAPITAL CREDITHReferred to Rules Committee2/15/2019
HB3319Mark L. WalkerEDGE-TRANSFER CREDITHReferred to Rules Committee2/15/2019
HB3705Mark L. WalkerREVENUE-TECHHReferred to Rules Committee2/15/2019
HB3706Mark L. WalkerINC TX-ANGEL CREDITHReferred to Rules Committee2/15/2019
HB3707Mark L. WalkerENTERPRISE ZONE ELIGIBILITYHReferred to Rules Committee2/15/2019