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Witness Slips For HB3977  102nd General Assembly

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Legislation: HB3977
Proponents: 531Opponents: 5No Position: 2
NameFirm, Business Or AgencyRepresenting
Hearing Date and Time: Police & Fire Committee (H) 3/25/2021 2:00 PM
abel riverachicago fire dept.
Adam CasperPalos Heights FPD
Adam TraylorCFDCFFU Local 2
Adam TraylorChicago fire deptCFFU Local 2
Adrian MaldonadoChicago Fire Department
Alan LaschChicago Police Department
Alesia FranklinChicago Police Department
Alfonso R Ortiz JrChicago Fire Department
Amelia A KessemNorthwest Side GOP
Ammie KessemNWSGOP
Andrea EmeryChicago fire department
Andrea AcostaChicago Fire Department
andrew irvingChicago Fire Department
Andrew JankowiczChicago Fire Department
Andy ChychulaFire
Angel L PerezChicago Police Department
Ann O'NeillCitizenCitizen
Anthony PietCity of Chicago
Anthony SnyderCompany...
Anthony ChessareCFD Local2
Anthony CusanoChicago Fire Dept
Anthony EvangelistiChicago Fire Dept
Anthony M FolinoChicago Fire Department
Anthony MajewskiChicago Fire Dept
Anthony Morenochicago fire department
Anthony ReitzChicago Fire Department
Aref R AbdellatifChicago Fire department
Arturo MoraChicago Fire Dept.
Ashley OlsenSelfSelf
Baird Julia McMillanCfd
Barbara OhseChicago Fire Dept
barbara sullivannone
Ben MarasaChicago for dept
Benjamin WoodsCFD
Bennett PowellChicago Firefighters UnionChicago Firefighters Union Local 2
Benny PambukuChicago Police Department
Bill KonstantopoulosChicago Fire Dept.Chicago Fire Dept
Billy MonacoChicago Fire Dept
Brandon CerritoCFD
Brandon DunnChicago Fire Department
Brandon HermannMyselfMyself
Brandon MessanaSelf
Brendan HehirChicago Fire Dept
Brian CunninghamChicago Fire Department
Brian David BerkowitzNone
Brian DevanChicago Police Department
Brian KehoeChicago Fire fighters Union Local 2
Brian KersteinChicago Police Department
Brian LarkinChicago Fire
Brian M McDonoughChicago Fire Department
Brian McArdleChicago Fire Department
Brian McMahonCFD
Brian MurrayPhfpdPalos heights fire
Brian O'Learynone
Brian OKeefeCfdLocal 2
Brian OSullivanChicago Fire Department
Brian wagnerFire Department
Brian WoodsChicago Fire Dept
bryan muellerpalos heights fire
Bryant MansfieldCity of chicagoLocal 2
Carris Crawfordchicago police dept
Cathie SolcaniLocal 2
Cesar cabralChicago fire department
Chad PetersonSelf
Charles ArtzChicago Police Department
Charles BoberChicago Fire DeptChicago Fire Dept
Charles KinnerkChicago Fire Department
Cheryl SlayPrivate citizenSelf
Chris NechvatalChicago fire Dept
Christian VatesChicago Firefighters Local 2Chicago Firefighters Local 2
Christopher BergenChicago Fire DepartmentLocal 2
Christopher HedquistNone
Christopher IversonCFDCFD
Christopher KreskiChicago Fire Department
Christopher liakopoulosSelf
Christopher QuinnChicago fire department
Christopher SalusChicago Fire Department
Christopher WertepnySelf
Claire EngelCFD
Colleen O'RyanChicago Fire Department
Colleen Teahannone
Colleen WertepnySelf
Conor FlynnChicago Fire Department
Constantino Jerry Cipollaself
Cortney PhillipsChicago Fire Dept
Curt AnnisChicago Fire Dept
Cynthia FagianoChicago Fire Department
Dan GoosherstChicago Police Department
Dan RhodesChicago fire department
Daniel BolgerChicago Fire Department
Daniel E HopkinsNANA
Daniel ExclusaChicago Fire Department
Daniel J HodgesSelf
daniel mcvickerchicago fire dept
Daniel MenardCFD
Daniel O'ConnellChicago Fire Local 2Chicago Fire Fighters
Daniel P OHagamChicago Firefighters Local 2Chicago Firefighters Local 2
Daniel SchreiberChicago Fire Department
Daniel SheahanCFD
Daniel TruesdaleRegion XI EMS Medical Director's Consortium
David BernickyCFFU Local 2
David DoyleChicago Fire Department
David KowalskiChicago Police
David PaeCFD
David SpeedwellChicago Fire Department
Debbie IzaSelf
Demetrios LagiosChicago Fire Department
Denise Wade RothCFD
Dennis BoylanCFD
Dennis McGuireChicago Fire Department
Dennis OConnellCFD
Devon FlynnChicago Fire Department
Eamonn OconnellChicago Firefighters Union
Eddie MannixCFD
Edgar GalloChicago Fire Department
Edward DatzChicago Firefighters Union Local 2
edward delaodna
EDWARD NEGRONChicago Fire Department
Eliot BuricaPHFPD
Elizabeth A MazorCfd
Enrique Gonzalez-GarciaChicago fire department
Erik SteinmetzChicago Fire Department
Ernest FuentesChicago Fire Department
Felix SerranoLocal 2 chicago fire departmentLocal 2 chicago fire department
Filadelfo GinesChicago Fire Department
FRANCESCO PAOLUCCIChicago Fire Department
FRANKChicago fire dept
Frank MuellerLocal 2
Fred A CnotaChicago Fire Department
Fred Coffeypolice & fire
Gary BrownSelf
Gena OntiverosChicago Police Department
George C Radkaguest L0002
Gilberto HerreraCFD
Greg caselliChicago Fire Dept
Greg GontarekChicago Fire deparmentChicago Fire Department
Greg PetersenCitizen
GREGORY NILLESChicago firefighters union
Guillermo PerezCFD CFFU L2
Guillermo Ramirez JrFire Department Of The City Of Chicago
Gustavo ColonLocal 2
Harold D Turrentineon behalf of selfChicago Firefighters Union local 2
Hector MarinoDNA
Hrisanthi ZhupaCitizen
J Sheridanretired CFD
Jack KielbasaChicago Fighters UnionFighters
Jafeden LeeChicago Fire Department
Jake TiesengaFire Department
James AbbatemarcoCFD
James CalvinoChicago Police Sergeants' AssociationChicago Police Sergeants' Association
James CotterChicago Fire Department
James DorganResident
James HampeChgo Fire Dept
James LoughneySelf
James LyonsChicago Fire Fighter Union Local 2Chicago Fire Fighters Union Local 2
James McDonaldCFD
James McNallySelfSelf
James MorsovilloCFD
James MullaghyCFFU Local 2
James NearyChicago Fire Fighters Union
James P FlynnChicago Firefighters Union- memberMyself
James PriceCFD
James Regan IIITaxpayerWestern Springs Fire Dept.
james russellChicago fire dept
James SyringLocal 2
james tracyChicago Firefighters Local 2Chicago Firefighters Local 2
James W GocheeChicago Police Department
jason boettcherSelf
Jason BoyerSelf
Jason CardenasChicago Fire Department
Jason KlausingChicago fire department
Jason MielzynskiChicago Fire Department
Jason PetersenCitizen
Jason SlaterPBPA 156
Javier OrozcoEngine 88
Jeanne E CameronAFSCME Council 31AFSCME Council 31
Jeff AdamowChicago fire department
Jeffrey BrennerChicago Fire Dept
Jeffrey DuggerChicago Fire Department
Jeffrey Otto ZarobskyChicago fire department
Jeffrey RumbaughChicago Police Department
Jennifer LivingstonChicago Fire Dept.
Jeremy ComitoChicago fire dept
jim reganChicago Firefighters Local 2
Jimmie millerCFD
Joe SolcaniChicago Fire Department
Joel KrettekChicago Police Dept
Joel WassermanChicago Fire Department
John BurkeFire department
John CegielskiChicago Fire Dept.
John DziedzicC.F.D
John DziedzicChicago Fire Dept
John FitzpatrickChicagoLocal 2 CFD
John FloodChicago F ire Department
John J LedenbachChicago Fire DepartmentChicago fire Department
John JoyceIAFF Local 2
John keatingChicago fire department
John Klockowskijohn co.
John M COLBYChicago Fire Dept.
John MillnerJohn J. Millner And Associates, Inc.
John MitchellChicago Fire Dept.
John ocarrollChicago Fire Dept
John OwenChicago Police Department
John P HughesChicago fire dept
John RileyChicago Fire Dept.
JOHN SALZMANchicago fire departent
John ScheunemanChicago FireFighters Union Local2
Jon OmalleyChicago firefighters Union Local 2Chicago firefighters Union Local 2
Jonathan RogersChicago Fire Department Engine 65 Truck 52
Jose J MorenoChicago Firefighters, Local 2 memberChicago Firefighters, Local 2 member
Jose L CalvilloChicago Fire Department
Jose L FloresLocal 2
Jose RodriguezChicago fire fighter
JosephChicago Firefighters Union Local 2
joseph a jasas jrChicago Fire Department
Joseph BrowneOn behalf of selfSelf
Joseph F ComitoCFD
Joseph GajdaCFD
Joseph HarkinCFD
Joseph LoveCFD
Joseph RoccasalvaSelfSelf
Joseph SeidlChicago Fire Department
Joseph SenorskiLocal 2Chicago Firefighters Local 2
Joseph SheehanChicago Fire Dept
Joseph StanulaChicago Police Dept.
Joseph stefankoNone
Joseph TrampasChicago Fire DepartmentChicago Firefighters
Joseph W DonovanCity of Chicago
Josh KeeranChicago fire dept
Joshua KowalczykCFFU local 2
Joy LudtkeTaxpayerTaxpayer
Juan CandelariaChicago Police Department
Juan RenteriaCFDCFD
Karl NoralsChicago Fire Department
Kathleen Paolini-KenningtonLocal 2
Keith BrandelCFD
Keith MillerCfd
Kelly CusackSelfSelf
Ken PedersenChicago FD
Kenneth DoyleCFD
Kenneth KurekChicago Fire Dept.
Kenneth SchafferChicago Fire Dept
Kevin B CoffeyChicago Fire DepartmentIAFF Local 2
Kevin BeeckChicago Fire Department
Kevin CahillChicago Fire Department
Kevin CorleyChicago
Kevin FitchChicago Fire Department
Kevin FracekChicago Fire Department
Kevin HaranEngine 45
Kevin HenrichsenChicago Firefighter Union Local 2CFD
Kevin M SobekChicago Fire DepartmentChicago Fire Department
Kevin McManusLocal 2Chicago Firefighters
kevin mcnicholasCFDCFD
Kevin OgradyChicago fire departmentChicago fire department union
Kevin StensonChicago Fire Department
Kimberly D Woodschicago police
Kimberly OttenChicago Police DepartmentPolice and Fire Committee HB3977
Kip ElliottCFD
Kristin JonesSELF
Kurt RobertsChicago Fire deptChicago firefighters local2
Kyle HillmanNational Association of Social Workers Illinois ChapterNational Association of Social Workers - Illinois Chapter
Larrence McCormackCity of Chicago
Laura E PrystSelf
Lawrence C PennieChicago Fire Department
Lawrence KlepekChicago Fire Dept
Lewis deverChicago fire departmentChicago Fire department Local 2
Liz Brown-ReevesLRB ConsultingPolice Benevolent and Protective Association (PBPA)
Lloyd ZiembaChicago Fire Department
Lorne TurrentineCFDLorne Turrentine
Louis MaroldaChicago Fire Dept
Lucas SchmidtSelfSelf
Lucas winterCFD
Luis CorderoChicago Fire DeptLocal 2 Chicago Firefighters
Luis Ponce de LeonChicago Fire DepartmentChicago fire department
Luis RebolledoChicago Fire Dept
mChicago Fire Department
Marcel KotzmanChicago Fire Department
Mark KolpSelf
Mark A KovacevichChicago Fire Dept
Mark FlechsigChicago Police
Mark HeyrmanMental Health America of IllinoisMental Health America of Illinois
Mark J Burke SrChicago Firefighters Union Local2
mark mielnickiChicago Fire DepartmentLocal 2, Chicago Fire Fighters Union
Mark TaylorCFFUCffu
Mark ZilchCFD
Martin DohertyChicago Firefighters Local 2Local 2
Martin KehoeCity of Chicago
Martin ScanlonCfd local 2
Marvin OttenSelfSelf
Mary Ann MalessaTeacher
mary nolanCFD
Marzena SemrauCFD
Matt BomelyChicago Fire Department
matt hilliardChicago Police Department
Matt McNicholasCPD
Matt NeeCFD
Matthew MajcherekChicago Fire Department
Matthew martensCfd
Matthew MulykChicago Fire Department
Matthew StraleyChicago Fire DepartmentChicago Fire Department
matthew wegeChicago Fire Department
Max RaymondCFD
Michael DunfordLocal union 2
Michael AhernCity of Chicago
Michael AnsierCFD
michael calderisiNAMYSELF
Michael CarlsonChicago fire department
Michael CrawfordCFD
Michael CwiokSelfSelf
Michael DalyChicago Fire Department
Michael DelmartoCfd
Michael EspositoCFD
Michael GackiChicago Fire Dept
MICHAEL GORSZCZYK jrChicago fire dept
Michael GubrickyCFD
Michael ImparatoCFD
Michael Joseph KellyCity of Chicago
Michael KarczewskiChicago Police Department
Michael KellyChicago Fire Deparment
Michael Kenneth ReingruberChicago Fire Department
Michael KirkpatrickChicago Fire Department
Michael MulvihillChicago fire departmentCity of Chicago fire department
Michael NelsonChicago Fire Department
michael OlbrichCity of Chicago
Michael OnestoSelf
Michael PaganiChicago fire dept
Michael PlovanichChicago Police Department
Michael R KappelChicago Fire Department
Michael RottmanLocal 2Local 2
Michael Rowannone
Michael SeguinChicago Fire Department
Michael SolerCFD
Michael SucheckiChicago Fire Department
michael vojtasIAFF L2Chicago Fire Department Local 2
Michele McGuireSelf
Michelle M HigginsSelfSelf
Miguel MagallonChicago Fire Department
Mike J HallChicago Fire Dept
Mike LynchChicago Fire Department
Mike McCoolCFD l2
Mitchell HunerChicago Fire Department
Nanette WillandSelf
Nicholas A OlsenNone
Nicholas KeatyCFD
Nicholas RumsaDNA
Nick DuckhornConstituent
Nick PantaleoCFD
Nick ZattairChicago Police DepartmentLaw Enforcement
Nick ZervasChicago fire department
Niki CampusCity of Chicago,Chicago Police Department
Noah Ohnecfd
Nolberto IniguezCFD
omar sanchezChicago Fire Department
Oscar SolisChicago fire department
Owen KellyLocal 2
Patrick ArnoldChicago Fire Department
Patrick BarkerNone
Patrick ClearyChicago Fire Fighters Union
Patrick FlemingChicago fire dept
patrick j caseycaseyautoChicago Fire Department
Patrick J FarrellChicago Fire Department
Patrick QuaneChicago Firefighter Union Local 2
Patrick ValentiCFD
Patryk MasnicaCivilian
Paul AllisonChicago Fire Dept.Chicago fire fighters union local 2
Paul DownsChicago Fire Fighters UnionChicago Fire Fighters Union
Paul KorandaChicago Fire Department
Paul MotelFB group Repeal IL HB3653FB group Repeal IL HB3653
Paul SheridanChicago Fire DepartmentChicago Firefighters Union Local 2
Paul StaufferChicago Fire Department Local 2
Peter ChambersChicago Police Department
Peter CosgroveChciago Police Department
PETER CUNNINGHAM JRChicago Fire Department
Phil GiuffreFive Alarm Fireworks
Philip OrsilooCfd
PHILLIP R RUIZChicago Fire Department
Philoniese McCrayChicago Police Department
Quinn BrennanCFD-Retired
Quinn MichaelsCFD
Rachel LambertChicago fire department
Ramon RomoChicago Fire Fighters Union Local 2
Raul OrozcoChicago Fire Department
RaymondChicago Fire DepartmentChicago Fire Department
Raymond FineronChicago Fire Dept
Reynaldo Guevara JrChicago Firefighter Union
Ricardo A VegaChicago Fire Department
Richard LouzonSelfSelf
richard brownchicago fire department
Richard KubiakCFD
Richard LynchChicago Fire DeptLocal 2
Richard MoravecConcerned Citizen
Richard MusilChicago Fire Department
Richard VincentCFD
Rob PritchardSelf
Robert A SkalskiChicago Fire department
Robert BallantyneIAFF Local 2
Robert CribbenChicago Firefighters Union Local 2Chicago Firefighters Union Local 2
Robert FranksCity of Chicago
Robert KellamChicago Police
robert kissanechicago fire dept.CFD
Robert KornChicago Fire Department
Robert LudwigChicago fire department
Robert McKeeChicago Fire Dept.
Robert MorrisSelf
Robert OpiolaChicago Fire Department
Robert TracyChicago Fire DepartmentFire Department
Robert TwardakSelf
Roberto RamirezChicago Police Department
Roberto Torres JrCFD
Rocco FuscoChicago Fire Department
Rodney Luis Lopez IInone
Roger SidorskiChicago Fire Department
Roman ZorniakChicago Fire Department
Ronald MalczynskiPBPA
Ronald OKeefeChicago Fire Department
Ronald Reedself
Rory HerbsterChicago Fire Department
Roy AndersonChicago Fire Department
Ryan Fieldscpd
Ryan McDonaldChicago fire department
Ryan OConnellChicago fire department
Ryan RayChicago fd
Ryan RogersChicago Fire Department
salvador orozcochicago fire deptlocal 2
Salvatore MastrodomenicoChicago Fire Dept.
Salvatore ValentiniChicago Fire Department
Sam KamberisChicago Fire Department
Sam ShanahanChicago Fire Firefighter's Union
Samuel FrenchCFD
Scott A MalitoChicago Fire Dept.
Scott DavisChicago Fire Department
Scott GaussChicago Fire Department
Scott HemesathChicago Fire Department
Scott HollandChicago Fire DeptChicago Fire Dept
Scott MazorPalos heights fire
Scott NielsenChicago Fire Department
Sean GoreChicago Fire Department
Sean KevinCFD
Sean KirbyChicago Fire Department
Sean MarrottaCFD
Sean MurphyNoneSelf
Sean SahliChicago Fire Department
Sean TullySelf
Sean Wardchcaigo fire department
Sean WashingtonChicago Fire Department
Sebastian ScaloneRetired Chicago Fire Department
SERGIO PULIDOChicago Fire Department
Sergio VencesChicago Police Dept
Severen HendersonChicago FD
Shari J MientusNone
Sharisse GrassmuckChicago Fire Department
Shawn PatrickChicago Fire Dept
Stephen F BurkeChicago Police Department
Stephen FugajCFD RetiredCFFU Local 2
Stephen SawyerCity of ChicagoChicago Firefighter Union
Stephen WalshCFD
Steve KnottNoneNone
Steve BosniackChicago Fire DeptChicago Fire Depr
Steve ShetskyAssociated Fire Fighters of IllinoisAssociated Fire Fighters of Illinois
Steven Richard KendrickChicago Fire Department
Steven SabatinoChicago Police Department
Steven TanguayChicago Fire Dept.
Stuart KirkChicago Fire dept
terrence SheppardChicago Fire DepartmentActive member of department
Terry BeirigerChicago Fire department
Terry BennerChicago Fire Department
Terry MiglieriCFD
Terry PratscherChicago
Theresa GuditisChicago Fire DeptChicago Fire Drpt
Thomas A BlakeChicago Fire Department
Thomas CodyChicago firefighters unionChicago firefighters active and retired
thomas d cooperChicago fire dept
Thomas DoyleChicago fire department
Thomas HaranChicago Fire Department
Thomas J MeziereChicago Firefighters Local 2
Thomas M FuchsgruberNASelf
Thomas MulroeIAFF Local 2
Thomas P FurlongChicago fire dept
Thomas StepanekCity of Chicago
thomas sullivanboles fpd CERT
Thomas WagnerChicago Fire Department Retired
Thomas William BarnettChicago Police DepartmentMyself
Tim StibichChicago Fire Department
Tim TullyCivilian
Timothy ClancyChicago Police Department
Timothy MarkhamChicago Fire DepartmentCFFU Local 2
Timothy QuinnCFD
Timothy RyanCFFU Local 2
Todd TaylorChicago Fire DepartmentChicago Fire Fighters Union
Tom KrolikowskiChicago Fire DepartmentChicago Fire Department
Tracy L Davieschicago police department
Trevor WiitalaChicago Fire DepartmentChicago Firefighters Union Local 2
Vinij Van ViriyakulChicago Fire Department
Vladan MilenkovicChicago Police Department
Wayne VanBeveren IIIChicago Fire Department
Wendell LabernCFD
William DipintoChicago Fire Department
William DonahueCFD
William DoodyLocal 2
William FoleyCFD
William LopezChicago Fire Department
William MottChicago fire department
William NolanFire Dept
William PhelanChicago Fire Fighters Union Local 2
William RathundeChicago Fire
William Rigaselfself