Public Act 90-0052 of the 90th General Assembly

State of Illinois
Public Acts
90th General Assembly

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Public Act 90-0052

HB1126 Enrolled                                LRB9004599DPcc

    AN ACT to  amend  the  Veterinary  Medicine  and  Surgery
Practice Act of 1994 by changing Sections 4 and 8.

    Be  it  enacted  by  the People of the State of Illinois,
represented in the General Assembly:

    Section 5.  The Veterinary Medicine and Surgery  Practice
Act  of  1994  is  amended  by  changing  Sections 4 and 8 as

    (225 ILCS 115/4) (from Ch. 111, par. 7004)
    Sec. 4. Exemptions.  Nothing in this Act shall  apply  to
any of the following:
    (1)  Veterinarians  employed  by  the  Federal Government
while actually engaged in their official duties.
    (2)  Licensed veterinarians from  other  states  who  are
invited to Illinois for consultation or lecturing.
    (3)  Veterinarians  employed  by colleges or universities
or by state agencies, while engaged  in  the  performance  of
their official duties.
    (4)  Veterinary   students   in   an   approved  college,
university, department of a university or  other  institution
of  veterinary  medicine and surgery while in the performance
of duties assigned by their instructors.
    (5)  Any person engaged in bona fide scientific  research
which requires the use of animals.
    (6)  The  dehorning,  castration, emasculation or docking
of cattle, horses, sheep, goats and swine in  the  course  or
exchange  of  work for which no monetary compensation is paid
or to artificial insemination and the drawing of semen.   Nor
shall  this  Act  be  construed  to  prohibit any person from
administering, in a  humane  manner,  medicinal  or  surgical
treatment  to  any  animal  belonging  to such person, unless
title has been transferred for the purpose  of  circumventing
this  Act.   However, any such services shall comply with the
Humane Care for Animals Act, approved September 21, 1973,  as
    (7)  Members  of  other licensed professions or any other
individuals when called for consultation and assistance by  a
veterinarian  licensed  in  the State of Illinois and who act
acts under the supervision, direction,  and  control  of  the
veterinarian, as further defined by rule of the Department.
(Source: P.A. 88-424.)

    (225 ILCS 115/8) (from Ch. 111, par. 7008)
    Sec.  8. Qualifications. A person is qualified to receive
a license if he or she: (1) is of good moral  character;  (2)
has  received  at  least  2 years of preveterinary collegiate
training; (3) has graduated from  a  veterinary  school  that
requires  for  graduation  a 4-year, or equivalent, course in
veterinary medicine and surgery approved by  the  Department;
and   (4)  has  passed  the  examination  authorized  by  the
Department to determine fitness to hold a license.
    With  respect  to  graduates  of  unapproved   veterinary
programs,  the  Department  shall  determine if such programs
meet standards equivalent to those set forth in clauses  (2),
(3), and (4) of Section 9 of this Act.
    Graduates of non-approved veterinary schools are required
to pass a proficiency examination specified by the Department
or to provide one year of evaluated clinical experience as an
employee  of  a  licensed veterinarian.  Prior to hiring such
person, the licensed veterinarian shall notify the Board,  in
writing,  and shall employ such persons only upon the written
approval of the Board.  Such approval shall be for  one  year
only  and  is  not  renewable.  Such clinical employees shall
treat animals  only  under  the  direct  supervision  of  the
licensed veterinarian.
    In  determining  moral  character under this Section, the
Department may take into consideration any felony  conviction
of  the applicant, but such a conviction shall not operate as
a bar to  obtaining  a  license.   The  Department  may  also
request  the applicant to submit and may consider as evidence
of moral character, endorsements from 2 individuals  licensed
under this Act.
(Source: P.A. 89-387, eff. 8-20-95.)

    Section  99.  Effective  date. This Act takes effect upon
becoming law.

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