Public Act 099-0791
SB2397 EnrolledLRB099 16798 AMC 41145 b

    AN ACT concerning the lottery.
    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
represented in the General Assembly:
    Section 5. The Illinois Lottery Law is amended by changing
Section 21.8 as follows:
    (20 ILCS 1605/21.8)
    Sec. 21.8. Quality of Life scratch-off game.
    (a) The Department shall offer a special instant
scratch-off game with the title of "Quality of Life". The game
shall commence on July 1, 2007 or as soon thereafter, in the
discretion of the Director, as is reasonably practical, and
shall be discontinued on December 31, 2025 2017. The operation
of the game is governed by this Act and by any rules adopted by
the Department. The Department must consult with the Quality of
Life Board, which is established under Section 2310-348 of the
Department of Public Health Powers and Duties Law of the Civil
Administrative Code of Illinois, regarding the design and
promotion of the game. If any provision of this Section is
inconsistent with any other provision of this Act, then this
Section governs.
    (b) The Quality of Life Endowment Fund is created as a
special fund in the State treasury. The net revenue from the
Quality of Life special instant scratch-off game must be
deposited into the Fund for appropriation by the General
Assembly solely to the Department of Public Health for the
purpose of HIV/AIDS-prevention education and for making grants
to public or private entities in Illinois for the purpose of
funding organizations that serve the highest at-risk
categories for contracting HIV or developing AIDS. Grants shall
be targeted to serve at-risk populations in proportion to the
distribution of recent reported Illinois HIV/AIDS cases among
risk groups as reported by the Illinois Department of Public
Health. The recipient organizations must be engaged in
HIV/AIDS-prevention education and HIV/AIDS healthcare
treatment. The Department must, before grants are awarded,
provide copies of all grant applications to the Quality of Life
Board, receive and review the Board's recommendations and
comments, and consult with the Board regarding the grants.
Organizational size will determine an organization's
competitive slot in the "Request for Proposal" process.
Organizations with an annual budget of $300,000 or less will
compete with like size organizations for 50% of the Quality of
Life annual fund. Organizations with an annual budget of
$300,001 to $700,000 will compete with like organizations for
25% of the Quality of Life annual fund, and organizations with
an annual budget of $700,001 and upward will compete with like
organizations for 25% of the Quality of Life annual fund. The
lottery may designate a percentage of proceeds for marketing
purpose. The grant funds may not be used for institutional,
organizational, or community-based overhead costs, indirect
costs, or levies.
    Grants awarded from the Fund are intended to augment the
current and future State funding for the prevention and
treatment of HIV/AIDS and are not intended to replace that
    Moneys received for the purposes of this Section,
including, without limitation, net revenue from the special
instant scratch-off game and gifts, grants, and awards from any
public or private entity, must be deposited into the Fund. Any
interest earned on moneys in the Fund must be deposited into
the Fund.
    For purposes of this subsection, "net revenue" means the
total amount for which tickets have been sold less the sum of
the amount paid out in prizes and the actual administrative
expenses of the Department solely related to the Quality of
Life game.
    (c) During the time that tickets are sold for the Quality
of Life game, the Department shall not unreasonably diminish
the efforts devoted to marketing any other instant scratch-off
lottery game.
    (d) The Department may adopt any rules necessary to
implement and administer the provisions of this Section in
consultation with the Quality of Life Board.
(Source: P.A. 97-464, eff. 10-15-11; 97-1117, eff. 8-27-12;
98-499, eff. 8-16-13.)
    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
becoming law.

Effective Date: 8/12/2016