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Public Act 099-0730
HB6261 EnrolledLRB099 18592 AWJ 42974 b

    AN ACT concerning local government.
    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
represented in the General Assembly:
    Section 5. The Counties Code is amended by changing Section
5-25013 as follows:
    (55 ILCS 5/5-25013)  (from Ch. 34, par. 5-25013)
    Sec. 5-25013. Organization of board; powers and duties.
    (A) The board of health of each county or multiple-county
health department shall, immediately after appointment, meet
and organize, by the election of one of its number as president
and one as secretary, and either from its number or otherwise,
a treasurer and such other officers as it may deem necessary. A
board of health may make and adopt such rules for its own
guidance and for the government of the health department as may
be deemed necessary to protect and improve public health not
inconsistent with this Division. It shall:
        1. Hold a meeting prior to the end of each operating
    fiscal year, at which meeting officers shall be elected for
    the ensuing operating fiscal year. ;
        2. Hold meetings at least quarterly. ;
        3. Hold special meetings upon a written request signed
    by two members and filed with the Secretary or on request
    of the medical health officer or public health
    administrator. ;
        4. Provide, equip and maintain suitable offices,
    facilities and appliances for the health department. ;
        5. Publish annually, within 90 days after the end of
    the county's operating fiscal year, in pamphlet form, for
    free distribution, an annual report showing the condition
    of its trust on the last day of the most recently completed
    operating fiscal year, the sums of money received from all
    sources, giving the name of any donor, how all moneys have
    been expended and for what purpose, and such other
    statistics and information in regard to the work of the
    health department as it may deem of general interest. ;
        6. Within its jurisdiction, and professional and
    technical competence, enforce and observe all State laws
    pertaining to the preservation of health, and all county
    and municipal ordinances except as otherwise provided in
    this Division. ;
        7. Within its jurisdiction, and professional and
    technical competence, investigate the existence of any
    contagious or infectious disease and adopt measures, not
    inconsistent with the regulations of the State Department
    of Public Health, to arrest the progress of the same. ;
        8. Within its jurisdiction, and professional and
    technical competence, make all necessary sanitary and
    health investigations and inspections. ;
        9. Upon request, give professional advice and
    information to all city, village, incorporated town and
    school authorities, within its jurisdiction, in all
    matters pertaining to sanitation and public health. ;
        10. Appoint a medical health officer as the executive
    officer for the department, who shall be a citizen of the
    United States and shall possess such qualifications as may
    be prescribed by the State Department of Public Health; or
    appoint a public health administrator who shall possess
    such qualifications as may be prescribed by the State
    Department of Public Health as the executive officer for
    the department, provided that the board of health shall
    make available medical supervision which is considered
    adequate by the Director of Public Health. ;
        10 1/2. Appoint such professional employees as may be
    approved by the executive officer who meet the
    qualification requirements of the State Department of
    Public Health for their respective positions provided,
    that in those health departments temporarily without a
    medical health officer or public health administrator
    approval by the State Department of Public Health shall
    suffice. ;
        11. Appoint such other officers and employees as may be
    necessary. ;
        12. Prescribe the powers and duties of all officers and
    employees, fix their compensation, and authorize payment
    of the same and all other department expenses from the
    County Health Fund of the county or counties concerned. ;
        13. Submit an annual budget to the county board or
    boards. ;
        14. Submit an annual report to the county board or
    boards, explaining all of its activities and
    expenditures. ;
        15. Establish and carry out programs and services in
    mental health, including intellectual disabilities and
    alcoholism and substance abuse, not inconsistent with the
    regulations of the Department of Human Services. ;
        16. Consult with all other private and public health
    agencies in the county in the development of local plans
    for the most efficient delivery of health services.
    (B) The board of health of each county or multiple-county
health department may:
        1. Initiate and carry out programs and activities of
    all kinds, not inconsistent with law, that may be deemed
    necessary or desirable in the promotion and protection of
    health and in the control of disease including
    tuberculosis. ;
        2. Receive contributions of real and personal
    property. ;
        3. Recommend to the county board or boards the adoption
    of such ordinances and of such rules and regulations as may
    be deemed necessary or desirable for the promotion and
    protection of health and control of disease. ;
        4. Appoint a medical and dental advisory committee and
    a non-medical advisory committee to the health
    department. ;
        5. Enter into contracts with the State,
    municipalities, other political subdivisions and
    non-official agencies for the purchase, sale or exchange of
    health services. ;
        6. Set fees it deems reasonable and necessary (i) to
    provide services or perform regulatory activities, (ii)
    when required by State or federal grant award conditions,
    (iii) to support activities delegated to the board of
    health by the Illinois Department of Public Health, or (iv)
    when required by an agreement between the board of health
    and other private or governmental organizations, unless
    the fee has been established as a part of a regulatory
    ordinance adopted by the county board, in which case the
    board of health shall make recommendations to the county
    board concerning those fees. Revenue generated under this
    Section shall be deposited into the County Health Fund or
    to the account of the multiple-county health department.
        7. Enter into multiple year employment contracts with
    the medical health officer or public health administrator
    as may be necessary for the recruitment and retention of
    personnel and the proper functioning of the health
        8. Enter into contracts with municipal health
    departments, county health departments, other boards of
    health, private or public hospitals, and not for profit
    entities to provide public health services outside of a
    board of health's own jurisdiction in order to protect the
    public health in an effective manner.
    (C) The board of health of a multiple-county health
department may hire attorneys to represent and advise the
department concerning matters that are not within the exclusive
jurisdiction of the State's Attorney of one of the counties
that created the department.
(Source: P.A. 97-227, eff. 1-1-12.)
    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect June 1,

Effective Date: 8/5/2016