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Public Act 099-0568
SB2355 EnrolledLRB099 16016 MLM 40334 b

    AN ACT concerning regulation.
    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
represented in the General Assembly:
    Section 5. The Illinois Insurance Code is amended by adding
Section 355.4 as follows:
    (215 ILCS 5/355.4 new)
    Sec. 355.4. Provider notification of network plan changes.
Any contract entered into or renewed on or after the effective
date of this amendatory Act of the 99th General Assembly that
allows the rights and obligations of the contract to be
assigned or leased to another insurer shall provide for notice
of that assignment or lease within 30 days after the assignment
or lease to the contracting dentist.
    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
becoming law.

Effective Date: 7/15/2016