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Public Act 099-0451
HB3485 EnrolledLRB099 09719 SXM 31596 b

    AN ACT concerning finance.
    WHEREAS, African-Americans represent 14.7% of the total
population of Illinois residents; the unemployment rate for
African-Americans in Illinois is projected to be 13.5%, nearly
double the rate for the total State population; and
    WHEREAS, African-Americans represent 9.5% of the ownership
of total Illinois businesses; the total value of State
contracts awarded to African-American-owned businesses in 2013
was less than 1% of total Central Management Services spending;
    WHEREAS, Unemployment leads to a decline in communities,
resulting in foreclosures, abandoned buildings, violence,
depression, and poverty; therefore
    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
represented in the General Assembly:
    Section 1. Short title. This Act may be cited as the Fair
Practices in Contracting Task Force Act.
    Section 5. Purpose and members.
    (a) There is created the Fair Practices in Contracting Task
Force to:
        (1) thoroughly survey African-American-owned business
    participation in State procurement;
        (2) study African-American-owned subcontractors'
    ability to be paid in a timely manner and the communication
    processes between subcontractors and prime contractors and
    the State;
        (3) research solutions and methods to address the
    disparity in procurement awards; and
        (4) produce a final report summarizing the Task Force's
    findings and detailing recommended statutory or
    constitutional strategies to recognize best practices.
    (b) The Task Force shall consist of the following members:
        (1) One member of the House of Representatives,
    appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives;
        (2) One member of the House of Representatives,
    appointed by the Minority Leader of the House of
        (3) One member of the Senate, appointed by the
    President of the Senate;
        (4) One member of the Senate, appointed by the Minority
    Leader of the Senate;
        (5) Four members appointed by the Governor, 3 of whom
    must be from the Department of Central Management Services,
    the Department of Transportation, or the Department of
    Health and Family Services, and one of whom must be a
    member of the Illinois African-American Family Commission;
        (6) Four members of the public, representing
    minority-owned businesses, appointed by the Governor.
    (c) Members shall serve without compensation.
    Section 10. Meetings.
    (a) The Task Force shall hold its first meeting by March 1,
    (b) The Department of Central Management Services shall
assist the Task Force and provide administrative support, but
shall have no hand in guiding its direction or ascertaining its
    (c) The Task Force shall meet quarterly and report its
findings to the General Assembly and the appropriate
    (d) The Task Force shall submit its final report to the
General Assembly and the Governor no later than December 31,
    Section 15. Repeal date. This Act is repealed on January
2, 2019.

Effective Date: 6/1/2016