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Public Act 096-0604
SB1544 Enrolled LRB096 10954 RCE 21210 b

    AN ACT concerning finance.
    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
represented in the General Assembly:
    Section 5. The Department of Human Services Act is amended
by adding Section 10-65 as follows:
    (20 ILCS 1305/10-65 new)
    Sec. 10-65. Hunger Relief Fund; grants.
    (a) The Hunger Relief Fund is created as a special fund in
the State treasury. From appropriations to the Department from
the Fund, the Department shall make grants to food banks for
the purpose of purchasing food and related supplies. In this
Section, "food bank" means a public or charitable institution
that maintains an established operation involving the
provision of food or edible commodities, or the products of
food or edible commodities, to food pantries, soup kitchens,
hunger relief centers, or other food or feeding centers that,
as an integral part of their normal activities, provide meals
or food to feed needy persons on a regular basis.
    (b) Moneys received for the purposes of this Section,
including, without limitation, appropriations, gifts,
donations, grants, and awards from any public or private entity
must be deposited into the Fund. Any interest earned on moneys
in the Fund must be deposited into the Fund.
    Section 10. The Illinois Income Tax Act is amended by
adding Section 507SS as follows:
    (35 ILCS 5/507SS new)
    Sec. 507SS. The hunger relief checkoff. For taxable years
ending on or after December 31, 2009, the Department shall
print, on its standard individual income tax form, a provision
indicating that, if the taxpayer wishes to contribute to the
Hunger Relief Fund, as authorized by this amendatory Act of the
96th General Assembly, then he or she may do so by stating the
amount of the contribution (not less than $1) on the return and
indicating that the contribution will reduce the taxpayer's
refund or increase the amount of payment to accompany the
return. The taxpayer's failure to remit any amount of the
increased payment reduces the contribution accordingly. This
Section does not apply to any amended return.
    Section 15. The State Finance Act is amended by adding
Section 5.719 as follows:
    (30 ILCS 105/5.719 new)
    Sec. 5.719. The Hunger Relief Fund.
    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
becoming law.

Effective Date: 08/24/2009