92nd General Assembly
Summary of HB5870
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IDPH-PKU TESTING-EXPAND PROGRM                                             

Synopsis of Bill as introduced:
        Amends the Phenylketonuria Testing Act. Provides  that  beginning      
   July  1,  2002,  the  Department  of  Public  Health must implement an      
   expanded screening program for metabolic and genetic disorders for all      
   newborn infants. Effective immediately.                                     
        HOUSE AMENDMENT NO. 1.                                                 
        Deletes everything. Reinserts the provisions of the original bill      
   with changes  and  additions.  Includes  an  additional  list  of  the      
   diseases  the  screening  is intended to detect. Provides that, if the      
   Department is unable to provide expanded screening through  the  State      
   Laboratory  by  July  1,  2002,  the Department shall provide expanded      
   screening through an accredited  laboratory  until  the  screening  is      
   available  through  the  State Laboratory. Provides that, if screening      
   through an accredited laboratory is required, the fee charged by  that      
   laboratory,  plus  a  5%  surcharge,  shall be substituted for the fee      
   authorized under the Act. Effective immediately.                            
Last action on Bill: PUBLIC ACT.............................. 92-0701

   Last action date: JUL-19-2002

           Location: House

 Amendments to Bill: AMENDMENTS ADOPTED: HOUSE -   1     SENATE -   0


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