92nd General Assembly
Summary of HB1690
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DRYCLEANER ENV RESPONSE FUND                                               

Synopsis of Bill as introduced:
        Amends the Drycleaner  Environmental  Response  Trust  Fund  Act.      
   Transfers responsibility for administering the Act from the Drycleaner      
   Environmental   Response  Trust  Fund  Council  to  the  Environmental      
   Protection  Agency.   The  Agency  shall  determine  by   rule   which      
   drycleaning  facilities  are  subject to investigation and entitled to      
   cleanup by the Agency.  Provides  that,  instead  of  reimbursing  the      
   owner  of  a  drycleaner, the Agency may fund 90% of all cleanup costs      
   for a drycleaning facility determined to be eligible for participation      
   in the program and shall provide an invoice to the owner  or  operator      
   of  a  drycleaning  facility  outlining  the  10%  that  is his or her      
   responsibility.  Repeals the Section creating the Council and  creates      
   an  Advisory  Committee  to  assist  the  Agency  in  specified tasks.      
   Authorizes the Agency, beginning January  1,  2002,  to  assess  a  2%      
   environmental   surcharge   on  gross  receipts  at  each  drycleaning      
   establishment, including drop stores. Deletes provisions  of  the  Act      
   regarding  environmental  insurance.   Provides  that,  on  or  before      
   January  1,  2022,  the  Agency,  in  conjunction  with  the  Advisory      
   Committee,  shall  study the necessity of continuing to impose certain      
   taxes and fees.  Makes  other  changes.   Repeals  a  Section  of  the      
   Illinois  Insurance  Code  exempting  administration of the Drycleaner      
   Environmental Response Trust Fund from the application  of  the  Code.      
   Repeals  various  Sections  of  the  Drycleaner Environmental Response      
   Trust Fund Act to reflect changes in the cleanup  program.   Effective      
Last action on Bill: TABLED IN COMMITTEE                               HENE

   Last action date: MAR-15-2001

           Location: House

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