92nd General Assembly
Summary of HB0544
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Short description: 
REC TRAILS-OFF-HIGHWAY VEHICLE                                             

Synopsis of Bill as introduced:
        Amends the Recreational Trails of Illinois  Act.   Provides  that      
   not  more  than 12% of the money allocated for certain purposes in the      
   Off-Highway Vehicle  Trails  Fund  may  be  used  for  administration,      
   enforcement,  planning,  and  implementation  of  the  Act.  Effective      
        HOUSE AMENDMENT NO. 1.                                                 
          Deletes reference to:                                                
          20 ILCS 862/15                                                       
          Adds reference to:                                                   
          20 ILCS 862/45                                                       
        Deletes  everything  after  the  enacting  clause.   Amends   the      
   Recreational  Trails  of  Illinois  Act.   Provides  that  any  person      
   participating in an organized competitive event on land or lands in an      
   off-highway  vehicle  park  paid  for  or supported through the grants      
   program under the Act shall either display the required public  access      
   sticker or pay $5 per event. Effective immediately.                         
Last action on Bill: PUBLIC ACT.............................. 92-0134

   Last action date: JUL-24-2001

           Location: House

 Amendments to Bill: AMENDMENTS ADOPTED: HOUSE -   1     SENATE -   0


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