State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois Senate find that the
 3    rate of reimbursement for  State  agency  community  services
 4    grants   and   contracts   insufficiently   captures  federal
 5    financial  participation,  compared  to  the  actual  general
 6    revenue funds expended for the program or service, for State-
 7    eligible vulnerable Illinois residents  to  be  served  under
 8    State authorized and appropriated State agencies; and

 9        WHEREAS,  The  trend  of funding community-based services
10    for State eligible juvenile justice populations does not meet
11    the need for those services in the State; and

12        WHEREAS, Community-based  services  for  this  population
13    have  been  demonstrated across the nation and in Illinois as
14    efficacious and cost-effective; and

15        WHEREAS, State  government  officials  should  prioritize
16    maximizing the capture of federal financial participation and
17    federal  initiatives  to provide funding for juvenile justice
18    client  services  including:  assessment  and  service  needs
19    evaluation;   treatment   plan   development,   review,   and
20    modification;   psychiatric    treatment    and    medication
21    management;   therapy   and   counseling   services;   crisis
22    intervention,   rehabilitative  stabilization  services,  and
23    client-centered consultation; and case  management,  training
24    and placement as provided by community agencies; and

25        WHEREAS,  The  current  financial disparity between State
26    capture of federal funds is inadequate, which is contributing
27    to  insufficient  reimbursement  rates  for   quality   human
28    services  and  the  actual  cost of State funded programs and
29    services around the State; and

30        WHEREAS,  The  inability  of  most   State-funded   human
31    services  programs  to  adequately  provide  services  to the
                            -2-                LRB9216462LBpr
 1    juvenile justice population contributes to the recidivism  in
 2    the  juvenile justice system and the increased costs in other
 3    State-supported  services  that  must  be  provided  to  this
 4    population; therefore, be it

 6    ASSEMBLY  OF  THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that the Governor of the
 7    State of Illinois urges  the  Director  of  Public  Aid,  the
 8    Director  of Corrections, the Director of Children and Family
 9    Services, and the  Secretary  of  Human  Services  to  ensure
10    community  services  provided  to juveniles are provided in a
11    manner  that  promotes  the  capture  of  federal   financial
12    participation; and be it further

13        RESOLVED,  That  the  Governor also urges the Director of
14    Public Aid, the Director  of  Corrections,  the  Director  of
15    Children  and  Family  Services,  and  the  Secretary  of the
16    Department of Human Services to ensure that  each  Department
17    is  making  all  efforts  to  capture federal initiatives for
18    juvenile justice services in the fiscal year 2003 and beyond;
19    and be it further

20        RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be delivered  to
21    the  Governor and to the Director of Public Aid, the Director
22    of Corrections, the Director of Children and Family Services,
23    and the Secretary of Human Services.

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