State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, In order to secure a safe and prosperous  future
 3    for its citizens, the State of Illinois must maintain a broad
 4    portfolio  of  energy  supply  options  to hedge against fuel
 5    price fluctuations, fuel shortages, and  import  disruptions;
 6    and

 7        WHEREAS, Illinois' 11 nuclear power plants have proven to
 8    be  safe,  dependable,  economic,  and environmentally benign
 9    sources of electricity to Illinois' citizens and  businesses,
10    producing  nearly  50 percent of the electricity generated in
11    Illinois today; and

12        WHEREAS, Nuclear power requires minimal  land  intrusion,
13    and   prevents  the  release  of  millions  of  tons  of  air
14    pollutants and greenhouse  gases,  thus  being  critical  for
15    compliance with air quality laws and regulations; and

16        WHEREAS,  Over  $7  billion have been spent on studies of
17    Yucca Mountain, Nevada, that show that the proposed  site  is
18    an  ideal repository to safely contain radioactive materials,
19    with a capacity sufficient to meet  all  foreseeable  storage
20    needs; and

21        WHEREAS,  Studies  of  Yucca  Mountain  have  yielded the
22    scientific information necessary for a decision by the United
23    States Secretary of Energy that there  are  no  technical  or
24    scientific  issues  that  will  prevent  Yucca  Mountain from
25    serving as a permanent  repository,  clearly  supporting  the
26    recommendation  by  the  Secretary  to  the  President of the
27    United States to proceed on licensing a permanent  repository
28    at Yucca Mountain; and

29        WHEREAS,   Since  1983,  consumers  of  electricity  from
30    Illinois' existing nuclear plants have  committed  over  $2.4
31    billion  to  the  federal  Nuclear Waste Fund to finance site
                            -2-                LRB9216225BHbh
 1    assessment and nuclear waste management; therefore, be it

 3    ASSEMBLY  OF  THE  STATE OF ILLINOIS, that the members of the
 4    Senate have determined that nuclear  energy  is  a  necessary
 5    source  of electricity generation, with no detrimental impact
 6    on its citizens and environment; and be it further

 7        RESOLVED, That the Illinois Senate urges the Congress  of
 8    the  United  States  to  sustain  the President's affirmative
 9    decision on  Yucca  Mountain's  suitability  as  a  permanent
10    federal  repository for high-level radioactive materials; and
11    be it further

12        RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be delivered  to
13    the  President  and  Vice President of the United States, the
14    President of the United States Senate,  the  Speaker  of  the
15    United  States  House  of Representatives, all members of the
16    Illinois congressional delegation, and to the  United  States
17    Secretary of Energy.

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