State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The Members  of  the  Illinois  Senate  wish  to
 3    express  their  sincere  thanks  to  the  Volunteers who make
 4    Christmas in April a reality in the City of Zion;  and

 5        WHEREAS, Christmas in April provides assistance to senior
 6    citizens, the disabled and low income families, who own their
 7    own home, but who, because of physical limitation or  income,
 8    are not able to cover the costs of home repair or rehab; and

 9        WHEREAS,  Christmas  in  April began in 1973 in Texas, it
10    has spread throughout all 50 states; and

11        WHEREAS,  There  are  today  265  chapters  serving   865
12    communities in all 50  states; and

13        WHEREAS,  On  April  28,  2001 Christmas in April - North
14    Suburban Chicago - came    to  the  City  of  Zion  with  375
15    volunteers  from the community, sailors from the Great  Lakes
16    Naval Training Center and students from Zion-Benton  Township
17    High School and Loyola Academy worked alongside firefighters,
18    police   officers,  building  inspectors,  lawyers,  bankers,
19    school teachers and city council members; and

20        WHEREAS, Under the direction of  their  "House  Captain",
21    these  volunteers   scraped, painted, cleaned and repaired 15
22    homes in Zion  through  plumbing  and    electrical  repairs,
23    replacing   roofs,   and  installing  new  bathrooms,  making
24    handicap accessible, etc. to an  estimated  market  value  of
25    $473,000.00; and

26        WHEREAS,  Christmas  in  April is not affiliated with any
27    particular church or  religion, the program  embraces  people
28    from  all walks of life: racial, ethnic, age, nor sex bars no
29    one from volunteering to work in harmony one day a  year  for
30    this worthy cause; and
                            -2-                LRB9216210BHbh
 1        WHEREAS,   Christmas   in  April  selects  the  homeowner
 2    recipients  through  referrals  from   non-profit   agencies,
 3    churches,  the  building  department, social organizations or
 4    concerned individuals; and

 5        WHEREAS, Materials, supplies and/or funds are donated  by
 6    hardware  and  lumber    companies,  construction  companies,
 7    churches,  banks,  social organizations and other agencies in
 8    Zion; and

 9        WHEREAS, Workers are treated  to  lunch  as  courtesy  of
10    Chuck's  Dog  House, Zion  Burger King, Sheridan Health Care,
11    Midwestern Regional Medical Center and Faith Food Pantry; and

12        WHEREAS, Christmas in April performs  these  repairs  and
13    additions  at  no cost to the homeowner, homeowners and their
14    family members are asked to participate as much as physically
15    able to rehabilitate their home; and

16        WHEREAS, The Mayor and City Council  held  a  picnic  the
17    following  day to honor  the homeowners, volunteers and their
18    families; therefore, be it

20    ASSEMBLY  OF  THE  STATE  OF ILLINOIS, that April 27, 2002 be
21    proclaimed as  "Christmas in April" throughout  the  City  of
22    Zion; and be it further

23        RESOLVED,  That  suitable  copies  of  this  preamble and
24    resolution  be  presented  to   Mayor   Lane   Harrison   and
25    Commissioner Delaine Rogers of the City of Zion and to  Frank
26    Flammini  of Christmas in April - North Suburban Chicago, who
27    together spearheaded the planning and  preparation  for  this
28    year's  Christmas  in  April for the City of Zion on the 27th
29    day of April, 2002.

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