State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, Thomas William Davenport was  a  licensed  civil
 3    engineer  with  the Illinois Department of Transportation; on
 4    April 16, 1992, he was killed by a drunk driver north of  his
 5    home in Chatham, Illinois; and

 6        WHEREAS,  Thomas  Davenport  was a son, brother, husband,
 7    and a father; and

 8        WHEREAS, Thomas  Davenport,  working  with  the  Illinois
 9    Department  of  Transportation, assisted with the building of
10    the bridge on South Chatham Road that crosses  Interstate  72
11    and Illinois Route 36; and

12        WHEREAS,  The  bridge is located on South Chatham Road in
13    Springfield,  Illinois,  and  is  used  as  an  overpass  for
14    Interstate 72 and Illinois Route 36; therefore, be it

16    ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we urge the bridge on
17    South Chatham Road, spanning Interstate 72 and Illinois Route
18    36,  be  named  the Thomas William Davenport Memorial Bridge;
19    and be it further

20        RESOLVED, That the Illinois Department of  Transportation
21    is requested to erect, at a suitable location consistent with
22    State and federal regulations, an appropriate plaque or signs
23    giving notice of the name; and be it further

24        RESOLVED,  That  suitable  copies  of  this  preamble and
25    resolution be presented  to the Secretary  of  Transportation
26    and to the family of Thomas William Davenport.

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