State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                       SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, Teenagers with their ready access to  the  motor
 3    vehicle  have  become  increasingly  mobile,  adding  a fluid
 4    dynamic to the manner in which teenagers consume alcohol  and
 5    illicit drugs; and

 6        WHEREAS,  Alcohol  and  drug  abuse  by teenagers has not
 7    significantly declined in the past several years and  remains
 8    unacceptably   high   and   possibly,   for  certain  groups,
 9    increasing in incidence and shifting to riskier settings; and

10        WHEREAS, 1,695 fifteen to nineteen year olds were  killed
11    in alcohol-related traffic fatalities in 1998 across America;
12    and

13        WHEREAS,  The  Aluminum  Anonymous Project surveyed 1,175
14    miles of Illinois roadsides, from around the Chicago suburbs,
15    from Freeport to Dixon to Moline to Pontiac to Watseka,  from
16    Mattoon  to  Springfield  to East Hannibal, from Effingham to
17    East St. Louis, and from Olney to Mt. Vernon  to  Carbondale,
18    in April and May of 1998, November of 1999, and April and May
19    of 2000, for the discard rate of alcohol beverage containers;
20    the  Project  found  an  average  of  875  beer cans and beer
21    bottles per mile of road annually; the  Project  followed  up
22    with  "Who's  Doing the Tossing?" interviews of professionals
23    working with teens and adults in alcohol and  drug  settings,
24    who  collectively estimated that 50 per cent of the discarded
25    alcohol containers were coming from teenagers; and

26        WHEREAS, In spite of the January, 2001 national survey of
27    teenagers by the National  Institute  on  Alcohol  Abuse  and
28    Alcoholism  (NIAAA)  that  includes questions on drinking and
29    drug use while driving and riding, perhaps for the first time
30    at the federal level,  too  little  is  known  about  teenage
31    alcohol and drug behavior after the car door closes; and
                            -2-                LRB9208745TAtm
 1        WHEREAS,  The  January,  2001 "Report of the U.S. Surgeon
 2    General on Youth Violence" notes that although youth violence
 3    may have peaked, it will remain a major problem; and

 4        WHEREAS, The January, 2001 report of the National  Center
 5    on  Substance  Abuse and Addiction (CASA), from New York, New
 6    York, entitled "Shoveling Up: Impact of  Substance  Abuse  on
 7    State  Budgets",  states  that only 3% of the $2,869,000 that
 8    Illinois spends annually on substance abuse problems goes for
 9    prevention and treatment, while the remaining  97%  goes  for
10    cleaning  up  the  wreckage  caused  by  substance  abuse and
11    addiction; therefore be it

14    HEREIN, that the Department of Human Services, in cooperation
15    with the Department  of  Public  Health,  the  Department  of
16    Transportation, and the Secretary of State, study the problem
17    of teenage in-vehicle drinking and related drug use by:
18             (1)  assembling  what  is  known and not known about
19        this behavior: its dynamic,  prevalence,  and  incidence;
20        and
21             (2)  assessing  the  effectiveness  of  policies and
22        programs, including  their  development,  implementation,
23        and  evaluation,  and gauging the adequacy of interagency
24        cooperation, including data sharing and program  support;
25        and be it further

26        RESOLVED, That the Department of Human Services report to
27    the  General  Assembly  with  a  recommended  plan  of action
28    regarding policy and programs that would more comprehensively
29    incorporate teenage in-vehicle drinking and related drug  use
30    into  the  scope  of  the  State's  substance abuse and youth
31    violence prevention strategies; the  report  to  include,  if
32    appropriate,  the  identification  of new programs along with
33    their estimated costs; and be it further
                            -3-                LRB9208745TAtm
 1        RESOLVED, that suitable  copies  of  this  resolution  be
 2    delivered to the Secretary of Human Services, the Director of
 3    Public  Health,  the  Secretary  of  Transportation,  and the
 4    Secretary of State.

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