State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS,  The  members   of   the   Illinois   House   of
 3    Representatives  are pleased to recognize milestone events in
 4    the lives of the citizens of the State of Illinois; and

 5        WHEREAS, It has come  to  our  attention  that  James  R.
 6    Holderfield  is  retiring  from  St. Charles East High School
 7    after a teaching career of thirty-five years; and

 8        WHEREAS, Mr. Holderfield received his associate's  degree
 9    in  machine drafting and design from the Vocational Technical
10    Institute  in  1960,  a  bachelor's  of  science  degree   in
11    Industrial  Education  with an emphasis in Vocation Education
12    in 1965 from Southern Illinois University at Carterville, and
13    his Master of Science in Industrial Education  from  Northern
14    Illinois University in DeKalb in 1970; and

15        WHEREAS, At St. Charles East High School, Mr. Holderfield
16    changed  the  image and quality of technology education, also
17    known as "shop", in order for technology education to  attain
18    its  rightful place alongside the academics of math, science,
19    English, and social  studies;  presently  he  is  working  to
20    establish   kindergarten  through  twelfth  grade  technology
21    literacy standards in the St. Charles School District; and

22        WHEREAS, James Holderfield has made valuable professional
23    contributions  to   education,   which   include   developing
24    vocational  courses at St. Charles East High School such as a
25    vocational  mechanical  drawing  course,   an   architectural
26    drafting  and  design  course,  a machine drafting and design
27    course, a product design course, a  computer  aided  drafting
28    class,   an  architectural  drafting  and  design  class,  an
29    automotive maintenance and repair course,  a  pre-engineering
30    technology  and engineering technology course, and the I-tech
31    course; Mr. Holderfield also was a part-time  senior  faculty
32    member   at  Elgin  Community  College  teaching  engineering
                            -2-                LRB9208819RHrh
 1    drafting for twelve years; and

 2        WHEREAS, James Holderfield has provided his  service  and
 3    contribution to area schools as a member of the North Central
 4    Evaluation  Team  at  Elgin  Larkin  High  School and at Lake
 5    Zurich High school; he  has  hosted  numerous  visiting  high
 6    schools  and  professional  groups  at  St. Charles East High
 7    School and provided information and experiences gained in the
 8    implementation and operation of courses and programs; he  has
 9    served  as President-Elect of Industrial Education Roundtable
10    and has provided information and on-site  assistance  in  the
11    design and implementation of a student internship program for
12    Dundee  Crown  High  School; in addition, Mr. Holderfield has
13    served as Department Chair of Technology Education and Family
14    and Consumer Sciences,  and as Director of  the  "Charleston"
15    Residential Building Trades Program; and

16        WHEREAS,  In  addition  to  his  teaching  duties,  James
17    Holderfield  has  made  valuable  contributions  to the local
18    community;  he  served  on   the   Neighborhood   Improvement
19    Association  where  he  helped  develop  criteria  for yearly
20    competitions  to  acknowledge  homeowners  that   have   made
21    improvements  in their homes and neighborhoods, as a judge in
22    neighborhood improvement competitions, and as a member  of  a
23    committee  that  reviewed and granted government funds to low
24    income families to renovate and repair  their  homes;  he  is
25    presently  a candidate for Library Trustee on the St. Charles
26    Public Library Board; and

27        WHEREAS, James Holderfield  has  been  the  recipient  of
28    several  honors,  including a resolution of appreciation from
29    Elgin Community College in 1987, the "Those Who Excel"  award
30    from  the  Illinois  State  Board  of  Education in 1987, the
31    Golden Apple Award in 1988, and a Certificate of Appreciation
32    from the Illinois State Board of Education; and
                            -3-                LRB9208819RHrh
 1        WHEREAS, Recently, James Holderfield  received  the  D.L.
 2    Hoeft  High  School  Teacher  of  the  Year award at the 26th
 3    annual Educator of the Year  Awards  in  April,  2001,  which
 4    serves  as  a fitting capstone to an amazing thirty-five year
 5    career; therefore, be it

 8    we  congratulate  James R. Holderfield on his retirement from
 9    St. Charles East High School and on being  the  recipient  of
10    the  2001  D.L.  Hoeft High School Teacher of the Year award,
11    and we wish him well in all of his future endeavors;  and  be
12    it further

13        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
14    presented to James R. Holderfield as  an  expression  of  our
15    esteem.

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