State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS,  The  Chicago  Transit  Authority  (CTA)  is  an
 3    efficient mode of public transportation, currently the second
 4    largest in the U.S.; and

 5        WHEREAS,  The  CTA  wishes  to  forge  strong   community
 6    relationships  and encourage Chicagoland residents as well as
 7    visitors to utilize the system; and

 8        WHEREAS,  The  University  Pass  (U-Pass)  Program  is  a
 9    discount fare medium  that  provides  full-time  college  and
10    university  students  with  unlimited rides on all CTA trains
11    and buses throughout the duration of an academic term; and

12        WHEREAS, The  U-Pass  program  further  demonstrates  the
13    CTA's  ongoing   commitment to the community and to providing
14    on-time, clean, safe, and friendly service; and

15        WHEREAS, Since its inception two and one-half years  ago,
16    22   schools   and    tens  of  thousands  of  students  have
17    participated in  the  U-Pass  Program,  with    approximately
18    40,000 students now enjoying its benefits; and

19        WHEREAS, Many of those students would otherwise be forced
20    to  drive  their  personal automobiles, worsening the already
21    serious traffic congestion  issues    the  metropolitan  area
22    already faces; and

23        WHEREAS,  The  program is intended to stimulate increases
24    in CTA ridership, especially during off-peak  hours,  getting
25    maximum efficiency in the use of public funds; and

26        WHEREAS,  U-Pass  introduces the CTA to students who have
27    not  used   it   before,   providing   convenient,   low-cost
28    transportation to full-time students; and

29        WHEREAS,  The  increased  ridership  adds  to the overall
30    ridership figures, increasing levels of federal  funding  for
                            -2-               LRB9206110WHcsB
 1    the agency; and

 2        WHEREAS,  many  of the Chicago metropolitan area's finest
 3    educational institutions participate, including  the  Cooking
 4    and  Hospitality  Institute  of  Chicago,  Columbia  College,
 5    Dawson  Technical  Institute,  DePaul  University,  East-West
 6    University,  Harold  Washington College, Harrington Institute
 7    of Interior Design, John Marshall  Law  School,  Kennedy-King
 8    College, Loyola University, Northwestern University School of
 9    Law,  Malcolm  X  College,  Robert  Morris College, Roosevelt
10    University, the School  of  the  Art  Institute  of  Chicago,
11    Illinois  Institute of Technology, Illinois Institute of Art,
12    Olive-Harvey  College,  Truman  College,  MacCormac  College,
13    Northwestern  Business  College,  and  the  Taylor   Business
14    Institute; therefore, be it

17    the House of Representatives expresses its strong support for
18    the Chicago Transit Authority's U-Pass program and urges  the
19    Boards  of Trustees at the three State universities that have
20    not chosen to participate  (the  University  of  Illinois  at
21    Chicago,  Northeastern Illinois University, and Chicago State
22    University) to seriously  consider  the  program  as  another
23    possible  transportation  alternative  to  the  problems that
24    their students face; and be it further

25        RESOLVED, That suitable  copies  of  this  resolution  be
26    delivered  to  the  Boards  of  Trustees of the University of
27    Illinois at Chicago, Northeastern  Illinois  University,  and
28    Chicago State University.

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