State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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HB2519 Engrossed                               LRB9205042NTsb

 1        AN ACT concerning an academy for performing, visual,  and
 2    cultural arts.

 3        Be it  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  State  of  Illinois,
 4    represented in the General Assembly:

 5        Section  1.   Short  title.  This Act may be cited as the
 6    Katherine  Dunham    Academy  for  Performing,  Visual,   and
 7    Cultural Arts Act.

 8        Section  5.  Policy and purposes.  It shall be the policy
 9    of the State of Illinois to seek out and nurture the artistic
10    talent of  students  from  throughout  the  State  in  grades
11    pre-kindergarten    through    12    and   students   seeking
12    baccalaureate degrees who exhibit unique artistic ability, in
13    order to preserve and enhance the State's historic commitment
14    to the cultural richness that contributes to the  ability  of
15    the  State  to attract and maintain a citizenry who choose to
16    reside in Illinois for its support of a quality life as  well
17    as  for  its  economic  advantages.   It shall further be the
18    policy  of  this  State  to  enlist  the   support   of   the
19    educational,  professional,  and  commercial communities in a
20    cooperative effort to provide excellence  in  arts  education
21    and  to  serve  as  a model for the development of innovative
22    instructional techniques and curricula.  As a symbol of  this
23    cooperative   endeavor,   there   shall  be  established  the
24    Katherine Dunham Academy for Performing, Visual, and Cultural
25    Arts to serve the people of Illinois as a  place  to  nourish
26    the creativity of its youth who possess outstanding talent in
27    the  performing, visual, or cultural arts and to return these
28    young people to their home community better prepared to  make
29    a  contribution  to  the  cultural opportunities available in
30    their town.
31        The primary  mission  of  the  Academy  is  to  seek  out
HB2519 Engrossed            -2-                LRB9205042NTsb
 1    artistically  talented students from throughout the State and
 2    to immerse them in challenging arts  programs,  unlike  those
 3    typically  available  in  local  schools,  where,  under  the
 4    instruction of outstanding teachers and professional artists,
 5    they  will better understand how their talents can be further
 6    developed.  The visual arts program shall  include  painting,
 7    weaving,  pottery,  silk  screen  design, and sculpture.  The
 8    performing  arts  program  shall  include   performances   in
 9    theaters, operas, television, colleges, schools, and federal,
10    State,  and  local  programs.  Additionally, the Academy will
11    provide opportunities to test new approaches in the  teaching
12    of  the  arts  and staff development and serve as a model for
13    school  programming  that  can  be  carried  out  in  schools
14    statewide.  The Academy shall also carry a responsibility  to
15    provide  instruction  about  how  the  participants,  whether
16    student, intern, or teacher, can make a positive contribution
17    to  the development of the arts in their local community upon
18    their return home.
19        The mission of the Academy shall be carried  out  through
20    the following means:
21             (1)  Regionally   based  talent  searches  shall  be
22        conducted to  identify  the  most  artistically  talented
23        students from throughout the State in the arts.
24             (2)  Teachers for the Academy shall be selected from
25        throughout  the  State  and the world based upon criteria
26        that insure the highest quality  faculty  represented  by
27        professional artists known for the quality of their work,
28        teachers  of  the arts recognized for their excellence in
29        teaching and curriculum development by their  colleagues,
30        and  individuals  possessing  unique  insights  about the
31        commercial and professional  possibilities  available  to
32        aspiring artists.
33             (3)  The  instructional program shall be enhanced by
34        visiting lecturers, performers, and special exhibits open
HB2519 Engrossed            -3-                LRB9205042NTsb
 1        to  the  public  by  way  of  open  houses  and  audience
 2        participation.
 3             (4)  The  Academy  shall   network   with   existing
 4        professional   organizations,   universities,   and  arts
 5        programs to foster the exchange of personnel,  equipment,
 6        and   conceptual   enrichment.   Such  interaction  shall
 7        include contributions  in  kind  as  well  as  consulting
 8        relationships.
 9             (5)  Faculty    of   the   Academy   shall   present
10        professional papers and lectures around the State and  in
11        professional conferences nationally about the program and
12        the  potential for improved arts programming at the local
13        level.
14             (6)  Participants will have access to facilities and
15        equipment seldom available in most school settings  where
16        they  will  be  able  to  expand  their  knowledge of the
17        mediums available to creative artists in the professional
18        and commercial worlds.

19        Section 10.  Establishment, funding, and location.  There
20    is  hereby  created  the   Katherine   Dunham   Academy   for
21    Performing, Visual, and Cultural Arts, which shall be an arts
22    program  located  in  East  St. Louis, Illinois.  The Academy
23    shall be funded by federal grants and  State  appropriations.
24    Private   contributions   and   endowment   programs  may  be
25    established.  Special  scholarships  shall  be  available  to
26    assist  economically disadvantaged students and special needs
27    students  who  require  assistance  or  who  may  have  other
28    exceptional needs that, if not addressed,  would  deny  their
29    participation  in  the  program.   The  Academy  shall  admit
30    students  in  grades pre-kindergarten through 12 and students
31    seeking baccalaureate degrees who have been determined to  be
32    eligible  to  attend  based upon the criteria established for
33    the arts area of their talent.  Furthermore,  students  shall
HB2519 Engrossed            -4-                LRB9205042NTsb
 1    be   selected   from  throughout  the  State  to  maintain  a
 2    geographically representative population.

 3        Section 15.  Board of  trustees.   The  Katherine  Dunham
 4    Academy  for  Performing,  Visual,  and  Cultural  Arts shall
 5    become an independent, freestanding  program  governed  by  a
 6    board  of  trustees.   The  board  shall  be appointed by the
 7    Governor from nominations  submitted  by  the  Illinois  Arts
 8    Council    and    State    Superintendent    of    Education.
 9    Representation   on   the  board  shall  include  individuals
10    knowledgeable about the arts, quality educational  standards,
11    and  the  business community.  The board of trustees shall be
12    not fewer than 11 nor greater than  17.   The  Illinois  Arts
13    Council  and the State Superintendent of Education shall each
14    nominate 2 candidates for consideration by the  Governor  for
15    each   vacancy.    With   the   exception   of   the  initial
16    appointments, the members' terms of office  shall  be  for  6
17    years.   At  the  first  meeting, members shall draw lots for
18    appointments of 2-year,  4-year,  or  6-year  initial  terms.
19    Vacancies  shall  be  filled for the unexpired portion of the
20    terms by appointment of a nominated  candidate  submitted  by
21    whomever  nominated  the  person  causing  such vacancy.  The
22    initial  terms  shall  commence  upon  appointment  and  upon
23    expiration of a term.  The member  shall  continue  to  serve
24    until  a  successor  is  appointed.  The board shall select a
25    chair from among its members who shall serve a 2-year term as
26    chair.   Members  shall  receive  no  salary  but  shall   be
27    reimbursed  for  all ordinary and necessary expenses incurred
28    in performing their duties as members of the board.
29        Within 30 days after the  effective  date  of  this  Act,
30    nominations shall be submitted to the Governor for membership
31    on  the  board.   The  Governor shall appoint a minimum of 11
32    members  to  the  board  within  60  days  of  receiving  the
33    nominations for  board  membership  from  the  Illinois  Arts
HB2519 Engrossed            -5-                LRB9205042NTsb
 1    Council and the State Superintendent of Education.  The board
 2    shall  convene  within  30  days  after being appointed.  The
 3    first order of business shall be the selection of a chair and
 4    the selection of a Director for the Academy.

 5        Section 20.  Powers and duties of the board.
 6        (a)  The board of trustees is hereby authorized to:
 7             (1)  Accept non-cash donations and direct  financial
 8        assistance toward scholarships from any public or private
 9        person  or  agency,  seek  out federal grants, and comply
10        with rules and  regulations  governing  grants  from  the
11        federal  government  or  from any other person or agency,
12        which  are  not  in   contravention   of   the   Illinois
13        Constitution or the laws of the State of Illinois.
14             (2)  Purchase  equipment,  materials,  and  supplies
15        necessary  for  the use of the Academy in accordance with
16        the Illinois Procurement Code.
17             (3)  Adopt, amend,  or  repeal  rules  and  policies
18        necessary  or  proper  for the conduct of the business of
19        the board.
20             (4)  Award    certificates,     recognition,     and
21        distinguished   service  or  professional  accomplishment
22        distinctions for persons deserving of such recognition.
23             (5)  Appoint a  Director  who  shall  be  the  chief
24        administrative  officer  of  the  school  and  who  shall
25        administer  the  rules  and policies adopted by the board
26        pursuant to this Act.  The Director  shall  also  be  the
27        chief  administrative  officer  of the board and shall be
28        responsible for all the administrative functions, duties,
29        and needs of the board.
30             (6)  Determine faculty and staff positions necessary
31        for the efficient operation of  the  Academy  and  select
32        personnel  for  such  positions.  The appointment of such
33        faculty and staff shall not be subject to  the  Personnel
HB2519 Engrossed            -6-                LRB9205042NTsb
 1        Code.
 2             (7)  Prepare  and  adopt  an annual budget necessary
 3        for the continued operation of the Academy.
 4             (8)  Enter  into   contracts   and   agreements   in
 5        accordance  with  applicable law, and, to the extent that
 6        funds are specifically appropriated therefore, with other
 7        public agencies with respect to  cooperative  enterprises
 8        and   undertakings  related  to  or  associated  with  an
 9        education in the Academy.  This shall  not  preclude  the
10        board   from  entering  into  other  such  contracts  and
11        agreements that may be deemed necessary to carry out  its
12        duties and functions.
13             (9)  Perform  such  other functions as are necessary
14        to  the  supervision  and  control  of  those  phases  of
15        education under its supervision and control.
16        (b)  The Board shall delegate to the Director such of its
17    administrative powers and duties as it deems  appropriate  to
18    aid  the  Director  in the efficient administration of his or
19    her responsibility for the implementation of the policies  of
20    the board.
21        (c)  In  addition  to  the  authorities  granted  in this
22    Section and any powers, duties, and  responsibilities  vested
23    by any other applicable laws, the board shall:
24             (1)  Adopt  rules  and  policies  necessary  for the
25        efficient operation of the Academy.
26             (2)  Establish criteria to be  used  in  determining
27        eligibility  of applicants for enrollment.  Such criteria
28        shall ensure  adequate  geographic,  sexual,  and  ethnic
29        representation.
30             (3)  Determine  subject  and  arts  experiences  and
31        extracurricular activities to be offered.
32             (4)  Pay  salaries  and  expenses, including but not
33        necessarily  restricted  to  facilities,  equipment,  and
34        supplies of the faculty and staff of the Academy, out  of
HB2519 Engrossed            -7-                LRB9205042NTsb
 1        funds  appropriated  or  otherwise made available for the
 2        operating and administrative expenses of the board.
 3             (5)  Exercise budgetary responsibility and  allocate
 4        for  expenditure  by  the  Academy and programs under its
 5        jurisdiction all moneys appropriated  or  otherwise  made
 6        available  for  purposes of the board and of such Academy
 7        programs.
 8             (6)  Prepare and adopt or approve programs of  study
 9        and  rules and bylaws for the conduct of students and for
10        the government of the  Academy  and  programs  under  its
11        jurisdiction.
12             (7)  Employ   such   personnel  as  may  be  needed,
13        establish  policies  governing   their   employment   and
14        dismissal,  and fix the amount of their compensation.  In
15        the employment, establishment of policies, and fixing  of
16        compensation,  the  Board  may  make no discrimination on
17        account of sex, race, creed, color, or national origin.

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