State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1        AN ACT in relation to community colleges.

 2        Be  it  enacted  by  the People of the State of Illinois,
 3    represented in the General Assembly:

 4        Section 5.  The Public Community College Act  is  amended
 5    by changing Section 2-15 as follows:

 6        (110 ILCS 805/2-15) (from Ch. 122, par. 102-15)
 7        Sec. 2-15.  Recognition.
 8        (a)  The State Board shall grant recognition to community
 9    colleges   which   maintain   equipment,  courses  of  study,
10    standards of scholarship and other requirements  set  by  the
11    State Board. Application for recognition shall be made to the
12    State  Board. The State Board shall set the criteria by which
13    the community  colleges  shall  be  judged  and  through  the
14    executive  officer  of  the  State Board shall arrange for an
15    official evaluation of the community colleges and shall grant
16    recognition of  such  community  colleges  as  may  meet  the
17    required standards.
18        (b)  Subject to the limitations of subsection (d) of this
19    Section,  if  a  community college district fails to meet the
20    recognition standards set by the  State  Board,  and  if  the
21    district,  in  accordance  with:  (i) (a) Government Auditing
22    Standards issued by the Comptroller  General  of  the  United
23    States,  (ii)  (b)  auditing  standards  established  by  the
24    American  Institute of Certified Public Accountants, or (iii)
25    (c) other applicable State and federal standards, is found by
26    the  district's  auditor  or  the  State  Board  working   in
27    cooperation  with  the  district's  auditor  to have material
28    deficiencies in the design or operation of financial  control
29    structures   that   could  adversely  affect  the  district's
30    financial integrity  and  stability,  or  is  found  to  have
31    misused   State   or   federal   funds  and  jeopardized  its
                            -2-                LRB9205050LDpr
 1    participation in State or federal programs, the  State  Board
 2    may,  subject  to  the  limitations of subsection (d) of this
 3    Section but notwithstanding any other laws to  the  contrary,
 4    implement one or more of the following emergency powers:
 5             (1)  To direct the district to develop and implement
 6        a  plan  that  addresses the budgetary, programmatic, and
 7        other  relevant  factors  contributing  to  the  need  to
 8        implement emergency  measures.   The  State  Board  shall
 9        assist  in  the development and shall have final approval
10        of the plan.
11             (2)  To  direct  the  district   to   contract   for
12        educational  services  in  accordance  with Section 3-40.
13        The State Board shall assist in the development and shall
14        have final approval of any such contractual agreements.
15             (3)  To  approve  and  require  revisions   of   the
16        district's budget.
17             (4)  To   appoint   a   Financial  Administrator  to
18        exercise  oversight  and  control  over  the   district's
19        budget.   The  Financial Administrator shall serve at the
20        pleasure of the State Board and  may  be  an  individual,
21        partnership,  corporation,  including an accounting firm,
22        or other entity determined  by  the  State  Board  to  be
23        qualified   to   serve,   and   shall   be   entitled  to
24        compensation.   Such  compensation  shall   be   provided
25        through  specific  appropriations made to the State Board
26        for that express purpose.
27             (5)  To develop and implement a plan  providing  for
28        the  dissolution  or reorganization of the district if in
29        the judgement of the State  Board  the  circumstances  so
30        require  and  the  requirements of subsection (c) of this
31        Section are met.
32        (c)  Before the State Board may implement a plan for  the
33    dissolution of a district, the question of whether or not the
34    district  should be dissolved must be submitted to the voters
                            -3-                LRB9205050LDpr
 1    of that district at a regular scheduled election.  The  State
 2    Board  shall  certify  the proposition to the proper election
 3    authorities for submission in  accordance  with  the  general
 4    election  law.  The proposition shall be in substantially the
 5    following form:
 6             FOR the dissolution of (name  of  community  college
 7        district).
 8             AGAINST   the  dissolution  of  (name  of  community
 9        college district).
10        If a majority of the votes cast upon the  proposition  is
11    in  favor  of  dissolving  the  district, the State Board may
12    implement its plan for the dissolution of the district.
13        (d)  Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Section
14    or any other Section of this Act, the State Board shall  have
15    no  authority to exercise or implement, in or with respect to
16    Metropolitan Community College District No.  541  established
17    under   Section  2-12.1,  any  of  the  powers  described  in
18    paragraphs (2), (3),  and  (5)  of  subsection  (b)  of  this
19    Section   2-15,  except  as  otherwise  provided  under  this
20    amendatory Act of the 92nd General Assembly.   Any  order  or
21    other  action  taken  by the State Board before the effective
22    date of this amendatory Act of the 92nd General Assembly that
23    dissolves or  purports  to  dissolve  the  community  college
24    district  established  under  Section 2-12.1 or that provides
25    for the development, approval, or implementation  of  a  plan
26    under  which  community  college  operations,  programs,  and
27    services  within  the  territory  comprising  that  community
28    college  district  are to be provided pursuant to contractual
29    arrangements  between  the  State  Board  and   entities   or
30    subcontractors  of  entities other than the board of trustees
31    of the community college district established  under  Section
32    2-12.1  shall  be  null  and  void  and  of no legal force or
33    effect.  Notwithstanding any other law  of  this  State,  the
34    community  college  district established under Section 2-12.1
                            -4-                LRB9205050LDpr
 1    shall not  be  dissolved  or  annexed  to  another  community
 2    college  district or otherwise reorganized except pursuant to
 3    this amendatory Act of the 92nd General Assembly.
 4        (e)  There is hereby created the  Metropolitan  Community
 5    College  Task Force, which shall consist of 9 members, 2 each
 6    appointed by the President and Minority Leader of the  Senate
 7    and   the  Speaker  and  Minority  Leader  of  the  House  of
 8    Representatives and  one  appointed  by  the  Governor.   The
 9    person appointed by the Governor shall be a public member and
10    shall  serve  as  chairperson  of  the Task Force.  All other
11    appointees shall be members of the General Assembly.  Members
12    of the Task Force shall serve without compensation but  shall
13    be  reimbursed  for  their  reasonable and necessary expenses
14    from funds appropriated for that  purpose.   The  Task  Force
15    shall  meet  as  often  as  necessary to study and define the
16    issues that must  be  effectively  addressed  to  ensure  the
17    continued   existence   of   Metropolitan  Community  College
18    District No. 541 and the action that must be taken to  enable
19    that  district  to  provide a high level of community college
20    services to residents of the district.  The Task Force  shall
21    report  its  findings  and  recommendations  to  the  General
22    Assembly by February 15, 2002, and is abolished on that date.
23    (Source: P.A. 89-147, eff. 7-14-95.)

24        Section  99.  Effective date.  This Act takes effect upon
25    becoming law.

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