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70 ILCS 1505/26.3

    (70 ILCS 1505/26.3) (from Ch. 105, par. 333.23n)
    Sec. 26.3. The Chicago Park District, to carry out the purposes of this section, has all the rights and powers over its harbor as it does over its other property, and its rights and powers include but are not limited to the following:
        (a) To furnish complete harbor facilities and
services, including but not limited to: launching, mooring, docking, storing, and repairing facilities and services; parking facilities for motor vehicles and boat trailers; and roads for access to the harbor.
        (b) To acquire by gift, legacy, grant, purchase,
lease, or by condemnation in the manner provided for the exercise of the right of eminent domain under the Eminent Domain Act, any property necessary or appropriate for the purposes of this Section, including riparian rights, within or without the Chicago Park District.
        (c) To use, occupy and reclaim submerged land under
the public waters of the State and artificially made or reclaimed land anywhere within the jurisdiction of the Chicago Park District, or in, over, and upon bordering public waters.
        (d) To acquire property by agreeing on a boundary
line in accordance with the provisions of "An Act to enable the commissioners of Lincoln Park to extend certain parks, boulevards and driveways under its control from time to time and granting submerged lands for the purpose of such extensions and providing for the acquisition of riparian rights and shore lands and interests therein for the purpose of such extensions and to defray the cost thereof," approved May 25, 1931, and "An Act to enable Park Commissioners having control of a park or parks bordering upon public waters in this state, to enlarge and connect the same from time to time by extensions over lands and the bed of such waters, and defining the use which may be made of such extensions, and granting lands for the purpose of such enlargements," approved May 14, 1903, as amended, and the other Statutes pertaining to Park Districts bordering on navigable waters in the State of Illinois.
        (e) To locate and establish dock, shore and harbor
        (f) To license, regulate, and control the use and
operation of the harbor, including the operation of all water-borne vessels in the harbor, or otherwise within the jurisdiction of the Chicago Park District.
        (g) To establish and collect fees for all facilities
and services, and compensation for materials furnished. Fees charged nonresidents of such district need not be the same as fees charged to residents of the district.
        (h) To appoint a director of special services, harbor
masters and other personnel, defining their duties and authority.
        (i) To enter into contracts and leases of every kind,
dealing in any manner with the objects and purposes of this section, upon such terms and conditions as the Chicago Park District determines.
        (j) To establish an impoundment area or areas within
the jurisdiction of the Chicago Park District.
        (k) To remove and store within the impoundment area
or areas a water-borne vessel that:
            (1) is tied or attached to any docks, piers or
buoys or other moorings in or upon any harbors or waters of the park system in contravention of those Sections of the Code of the Chicago Park District pertaining to the use of harbors or any rules promulgated by the general superintendent thereunder;
            (2) is located in the waters or harbors for a
period of 12 hours or more without a proper permit;
            (3) is abandoned or left unattended in the waters
or harbors that impedes navigation on the waters;
            (4) is impeding navigation on the waters, because
the persons in charge are incapacitated due to injury or illness;
            (5) is abandoned in the waters or harbors for a
period of 10 hours or more;
            (6) is seized under Article 36 of the Criminal
Code of 2012, having been used in the commission of a crime;
            (7) is reported stolen and the owner has not been
located after a reasonable search.
        (l) To impose a duty on the director of special
services or other appointed official to manage and operate the impoundment process and to keep any impounded vessel until such vessel is repossessed by the owner or other person legally entitled to possession thereof or otherwise disposed of in accordance with ordinances or regulations established by the Chicago Park District.
        (m) To impose fees and charges for redemption of any
impounded vessel to cover the cost of towing and storage of the vessel while in custody of the Chicago Park District.
        (n) To release any impounded vessel to a person
entitled to possession or to dispose of such vessel which remains unclaimed after a reasonable search for the owner has been made in full compliance with ordinances and regulations of the Chicago Park District.
        (o) To control, license and regulate, including the
establishment of permits and fees therefor, the chartering, renting or letting for hire of any vessel operating on the waters or harbors within the jurisdiction of the Chicago Park District.
        (p) To rent storage space to owners of vessels during
such seasons and at such fees as are prescribed from time to time in regulations of the Chicago Park District.
(Source: P.A. 97-1150, eff. 1-25-13.)