(315 ILCS 20/12) (from Ch. 67 1/2, par. 262)
    Sec. 12. Certificates of compliance. Unless it shall be accompanied by the certificate of the Redevelopment Commission, none of the following documents shall be filed by the Secretary of State:
    (1) Report of issuance of shares and increases in stated capital and paid-in surplus.
    (2) Amendment of articles of incorporation.
    (3) Statement of reduction or elimination of paid-in surplus pursuant to Section 9.15 of the "Business Corporation Act of 1983".
    The certificate of the Redevelopment Commission shall be in substantially the following form:
    "The Commission certifies that it has investigated the action of the (here insert the name of the Neighborhood Redevelopment Corporation in question) proposed in the attached document and finds that the requirements of The Neighborhood Redevelopment Corporation Law have been complied with by that corporation. ....(Naming city, town or village) Redevelopment Commission
By ....(Secretary)."
Dated:....(Seal of Redevelopment Commission)
(Source: P.A. 83-1362.)