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Full Text of SR0550  95th General Assembly



SR0550 LRB095 14864 HLH 40805 r


2     WHEREAS, Interoperability in communications is an urgent
3 problem affecting every level of government as well as citizen
4 trust in government; and
5     WHEREAS, Communications interoperability is also
6 recognized as a vital element of effective day-to-day public
7 safety services; and
8     WHEREAS, Interoperable communications is required in the
9 management of a variety of incidents, ranging from Amber alerts
10 to hurricanes, that typically require a response from
11 multi-agency task forces; and
12     WHEREAS, When multiple first-responder organizations
13 convene at an incident scene, their radios are frequently
14 incompatible because they operate over different frequencies
15 and use different technologies; and
16     WHEREAS, Public safety agencies have tried many approaches
17 to improve interoperability in communications, including
18 swapping radios, mutual-aid channels, and gateways that bridge
19 2 or more radio systems; and
20     WHEREAS, All of these approaches provide some benefit, but



SR0550 - 2 - LRB095 14864 HLH 40805 r

1 none completely solves the inherent limitations of radio
2 communications; and
3     WHEREAS, It is necessary for local governments in Illinois
4 to be able to communicate with one another, especially in the
5 case of an emergency; and
6     WHEREAS, Local officials in Illinois appreciate the
7 funding that will be awarded to areas around the State of
8 Illinois in the coming months for the Public Safety
9 Interoperable Communications Grant Program; therefore, be it
11 ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we urge the Illinois
12 Congressional Delegation to support an increase in funding for
13 the Public Safety Interoperable Communications Grant Program
14 the next time this program comes up for renewal; and be it
15 further
16     RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
17 presented to all members of the Illinois Congressional
18 Delegation, the Governor of Illinois, and the Chairman of the
19 Illinois Terrorism Task Force.