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Full Text of SR0695  94th General Assembly



SR0695 LRB094 20031 HSS 57661 r


2     WHEREAS, Adeline Geo-Karis was born on March 29, 1918, in
3 Tegeas, Greece, to become known as a proud American, political
4 pioneer, and beloved public steward; and
5     WHEREAS, State Senator Adeline Geo-Karis has worked hard
6 throughout her lengthy career to advance the public good and
7 safeguard freedom, serving as a lieutenant commander in the
8 U.S. Naval Reserves, Assistant State's Attorney, Justice of the
9 Peace, Mayor of Zion, State Representative, and State Senator;
10 and
11     WHEREAS, Adeline Geo-Karis has tirelessly served her
12 constituents and the people of Illinois for 33 years, working
13 in a bipartisan manner to enact legislation for strong crime
14 control and to benefit veterans, senior citizens, children,
15 people with disabilities, and the working majority; and
16     WHEREAS, Senator Geo-Karis was the first woman ever
17 appointed Assistant State's Attorney in Lake County, and went
18 on to become the first Lake County woman elected to the State
19 Senate and House of Representatives; and
20     WHEREAS, She was the first woman in Illinois history to
21 serve in Senate Leadership, serving for ten years as Assistant
22 Senate Majority Leader; and
23     WHEREAS, As a strong advocate for veterans, Senator
24 Geo-Karis serves as Chairperson of the Senate Republican Task
25 Force on Veterans, where she has continually worked to protect
26 our men and women in the Armed Forces; and
27     WHEREAS, As Co-Chair of the Senate Executive Appointments
28 Committee, she is currently one of two Republican Senators to
29 serve as co-chairman of a committee; and



SR0695 - 2 - LRB094 20031 HSS 57661 r

1     WHEREAS, Senator Geo-Karis pioneered legislation on
2 gasohol, solar energy, and other alternative energy resources,
3 and is cited for her sponsorship of the Nuclear Safety
4 Preparedness Act, the Alternative Energy Act, and many other
5 laws to increase safety on Illinois lakes; and
6     WHEREAS, She successfully sponsored and supported
7 important crime control legislation, and is a proud sponsor of
8 the "Guilty but Mentally Ill" law; and
9     WHEREAS, She is active in many civic projects and is a
10 member of several civic organizations, including the American
11 Legion and AmVets; and
12     WHEREAS, Senator Geo-Karis heads her own law firm in Zion,
13 Illinois, is a former municipal attorney for Mundelein, Vernon
14 Hills, Libertyville Township, and Long Grove School District,
15 and was elected Justice of the Peace in Lake County, Illinois;
16 and
17     WHEREAS, During her 33 years of service, Adeline Geo-Karis
18 has been consistently recognized for her commitment and support
19 of Illinois' business community, senior citizens, and
20 agriculture; and
21     WHEREAS, Her commitment to aiding and advancing the needs
22 of Illinois veterans and Armed Forces has displayed the highest
23 form of compassion, patriotism, and human decency; and
24     WHEREAS, While she values her American citizenship,
25 Adeline Geo-Karis has continued to celebrate her Greek heritage
26 and has remained committed to the Greek community throughout
27 her tenure as a public official; and
28     WHEREAS, She has been affectionately dubbed "Geo" by her



SR0695 - 3 - LRB094 20031 HSS 57661 r

1 friends and colleagues and is a beloved political icon known
2 throughout Illinois for her hard work, wit, and gracious
3 demeanor; and
4     WHEREAS, Geo has been and will continue to be an
5 inspiration to women and men everywhere, for her many
6 achievements, accomplishments, and service to the people of
7 Illinois; and
8     WHEREAS, March 29, 2006, will be the 88th anniversary of
9 Adeline Geo-Karis' birth; therefore, be it
11 ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we proclaim and
12 recognize March 29, 2006, as "Adeline Geo-Karis Day" in the
13 State of Illinois; and be it further
14     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
15 presented to Senator Geo-Karis as an expression of our
16 admiration and esteem.