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Full Text of HB1103  103rd General Assembly




State of Illinois
2023 and 2024


Introduced 1/12/2023, by Rep. Mary E. Flowers


New Act
30 ILCS 5/3-1  from Ch. 15, par. 303-1
735 ILCS 30/15-5-49 new

    Creates the Illinois State Bank Act. Provides that the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation shall operate the Illinois State Bank. Specifies the authority of the advisory board of directors to the Bank. Provides that the Secretary of Financial and Professional Regulation is to employ a president and employees. Contains provisions concerning the removal and discharge of appointees. Provides that State funds must be deposited in the Bank. Contains provisions concerning the nonliability of officers and sureties after deposit. Specifies the powers of the Bank. Contains provisions concerning the guaranty of deposits and the Bank's role as a clearinghouse, the authorization of loans to the General Revenue Fund, bank loans to farmers, limitations on loans by the Bank, the name in which business is conducted and titles taken, civil actions, surety on appeal, audits, electronic fund transfer systems, confidentiality of bank records, the sale and leasing of acquired agricultural real estate, and the Illinois higher education savings plan. Provides that the Bank is the custodian of securities. Amends the Illinois State Auditing Act to require that the Auditor General contract with an independent certified public accounting firm for an annual audit of the Illinois State Bank as provided in the Illinois State Bank Act. Amends the Eminent Domain Act to allow the Bank to acquire property by eminent domain.

LRB103 05059 BMS 50073 b





HB1103LRB103 05059 BMS 50073 b

1    AN ACT concerning financial regulation.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 1. Short title. This Act may be cited as the
5Illinois State Bank Act.
6    Section 5. Purpose. For the purpose of encouraging and
7promoting agriculture, commerce, and industry, the State shall
8engage in the business of banking, and for that purpose shall
9maintain a system of banking owned, controlled, and operated
10by it, under the name of the Illinois State Bank.
11    Section 10. Definitions. As used in this Act:
12    "Bank" means the Illinois State Bank.
13    "Department" means the Department of Financial and
14Professional Regulation.
15    "Secretary" means the Secretary of Financial and
16Professional Regulation.
17    Section 15. Department to operate Bank; business of Bank.
18The Department shall operate, manage, and control the Illinois
19State Bank, locate and maintain its places of business, of
20which the principal place must be within the State, and make
21and enforce orders, rules, regulations, and bylaws for the



HB1103- 2 -LRB103 05059 BMS 50073 b

1transaction of its business. The business and financial
2transactions of the Bank, in addition to other matters
3specified in this Act, may include anything that any bank or
4bank holding company lawfully may do, except as it is
5restricted by the provisions of this Act. This Section may not
6be held in any way to limit or qualify either the powers of the
7Department granted by or the functions of the Bank as defined
8in this Act. The powers of the Department and the functions of
9the Bank must be implemented through actions taken and
10policies adopted by the Department of Financial and
11Professional Regulation.
12    Section 20. Declaration and finding of public purpose;
13Illinois State Bank advisory board of directors. To enlist
14the help of private enterprise and to encourage more active
15implementation of the purposes of this Act, the Governor shall
16appoint an advisory board of directors to the Illinois State
17Bank consisting of 7 persons, at least 2 of whom must be
18officers of banks, the majority of the stock of which is owned
19by Illinois residents, and at least one of whom must be an
20officer of a State-chartered or federally chartered financial
21institution. The Governor shall appoint a chairman,
22vice-chairman, and secretary from the advisory board of
23directors. The term of a director is 4 years. The Department
24shall define the duties of the advisory board of directors.



HB1103- 3 -LRB103 05059 BMS 50073 b

1    Section 25. Authority of the advisory board of directors
2to the Illinois State Bank. The advisory board of directors to
3the Illinois State Bank shall do all of the following:
4        (1) Meet regularly with the management of the Illinois
5    State Bank to review the Bank's operations to determine
6    whether recommendations should be made by the board to the
7    Department relating to improved management performance,
8    better customer service, and overall improvement in
9    internal methods, procedures, and operating policies of
10    the Bank.
11        (2) Make recommendations to the Department relating to
12    the establishment of additional objectives for the
13    operation of the Illinois State Bank.
14        (3) Make recommendations to the Department concerning
15    the appointment of officers of the Illinois State Bank.
16        (4) Meet regularly with the Secretary to present any
17    recommendations concerning the Illinois State Bank.
18        (5) In addition to the foregoing and pursuant to
19    authorization from the Secretary, act on behalf of the
20    Bank with respect to the powers and functions of the Bank.
21    Section 30. Secretary to employ president and employees;
22compensation, operation, and maintenance expenditures limited
23to appropriations, revenue, or capital. The Secretary shall
24appoint a president; may appoint and employ subordinate
25officers, employees, and agents as he or she may judge



HB1103- 4 -LRB103 05059 BMS 50073 b

1expedient and in the interests of the State; and shall define
2the duties, designate the titles, and fix the compensation of
3all such persons. The Secretary may designate the president or
4other officers or employees as its agent in respect to the
5functions of the Bank, subject to its supervision, limitation,
6and control. The total compensation of such appointees and
7employees, together with other expenditures for the operation
8and maintenance of the Bank, shall remain within the
9appropriation, revenues, or capital lawfully available for
10those purposes.
11    Section 35. Removal and discharge of appointees. The
12Secretary may remove and discharge any and all persons
13appointed in the exercise of the powers granted by this Act,
14whether by the Secretary or by the president of the Bank. All
15appointments and removals contemplated by this Act must be
16made as the Secretary deems fit to promote the efficiency of
17the public service.
18    Section 40. State funds must be deposited in the Illinois
19State Bank; income of the Bank. All State funds and funds of
20all State penal, educational, and industrial institutions must
21be deposited in the Illinois State Bank by the persons having
22control of those funds or must be deposited in accordance with
23constitutional and statutory provisions. All income earned by
24the Bank for its own account on State moneys that are deposited



HB1103- 5 -LRB103 05059 BMS 50073 b

1in or invested with the Bank to the credit of the State must be
2credited to and become a part of the revenues and income of the
4    Section 45. Nonliability of officers and sureties after
5deposit. Whenever any public funds are deposited in the
6Illinois State Bank, the official having control of the public
7funds and the sureties on the bond of every such official shall
8be exempt from all liability by reason of loss of any such
9funds while so deposited.
10    Section 50. Guarantee of deposits; exemption from all
11taxation. All deposits in the Illinois State Bank are
12guaranteed by the State. Those deposits are exempt from State,
13county, and municipal taxes of any and all kinds.
14    Section 55. Bank as a clearinghouse. For banks that make
15the Illinois State Bank a reserve depositary, it may perform
16the functions and render the services of a clearinghouse,
17including all facilities for providing domestic and foreign
18exchange, and may rediscount paper, on those terms as the
19Department shall provide.
20    Section 60. Powers. The Illinois State Bank may:
21        (1) make, purchase, guarantee, or hold loans:
22            (A) to State-chartered or federally chartered



HB1103- 6 -LRB103 05059 BMS 50073 b

1        lending agencies or institutions or any other
2        financial institutions;
3            (B) to holders of Bank certificates of deposit and
4        savings accounts up to 90% of the value of the
5        certificates and savings accounts offered as security;
6            (C) to actual farmers who are residents of this
7        State, if the loans are secured by recorded mortgages
8        giving the Bank a first lien on real estate in Illinois
9        in amounts not to exceed 80% of the value of the
10        security;
11            (D) that are insured or guaranteed in whole or in
12        part by the United States, its agencies, or
13        instrumentalities;
14            (E) that are eligible to be guaranteed under
15        education. Loans made pursuant to this paragraph (E)
16        may provide for interest that remains unpaid at the
17        end of any period specified in the loan to be added to
18        the principal amount of the debt and thereafter
19        accumulate interest;
20            (F) to individuals or bank holding companies for
21        the purpose of purchasing or refinancing the purchase
22        of bank stock of a bank located in the State;
23            (G) under U.S. Public Law No. 99-198 as amended
24        through December 31, 1996, to nonprofit corporations
25        for the purpose of relending loan funds to rural
26        businesses;



HB1103- 7 -LRB103 05059 BMS 50073 b

1            (H) under Title 7, Code of Federal Regulations,
2        part 1948, subpart C; part 1951, subparts F and R; and
3        part 1955, subparts A, B, and C, as amended through
4        December 31, 1996, to finance businesses and community
5        development projects in rural areas;
6            (I) obtained as security pledged for or originated
7        in the restructuring of any other loan properly
8        originated or participated in by the Bank;
9            (J) to instrumentalities of this State;
10            (K) to an investment company created for
11        completing a trust preferred securities transaction
12        for the benefit of a financial institution located in
13        this State; and
14            (L) as otherwise provided by this Act or other
15        statutes;
16        (2) if the Bank is participating in the loan and the
17    Bank deems it is in the best interests of the Bank to do
18    so, purchase the remaining portion of the loan from a
19    participating lender that is closed by regulatory action
20    or from the receiver of the participating lender's assets;
21        (3) make agricultural real estate loans in order to
22    participate in the agricultural mortgage secondary market
23    program established pursuant to the federal Agricultural
24    Credit Act amended through December 31, 1996;
25        (4) purchase participation interests in loans made or
26    held by banks, bank holding companies, State-chartered or



HB1103- 8 -LRB103 05059 BMS 50073 b

1    federally chartered lending agencies or institutions, any
2    other financial institutions, or any other entity that
3    provides financial services and meets underwriting
4    standards that are generally accepted by State or federal
5    financial regulatory agencies;
6        (5) invest its funds:
7            (A) in conformity with policies of the Department;
8            (B) in a public venture capital corporation
9        organized and doing business in this State through the
10        purchase of shares of stock; and
11            (C) in Illinois alternative and venture capital
12        investments and early-stage capital funds;
13        (6) buy and sell federal funds;
14        (7) lease, assign, sell, exchange, transfer, convey,
15    grant, pledge, or mortgage all real and personal property,
16    title to which has been acquired in any manner;
17        (8) acquire real or personal property or property
18    rights by purchase, lease, or, subject to applicable law,
19    the exercise of the right of eminent domain and may
20    construct, remodel, and repair buildings;
21        (9) receive deposits from any source and deposit its
22    funds in any bank or other financial institution;
23        (10) perform all acts and do all things necessary,
24    convenient, advisable, or desirable to carry out the
25    powers expressly granted or necessarily implied in this
26    Act through or by means of its president, officers,



HB1103- 9 -LRB103 05059 BMS 50073 b

1    agents, or employees or by contracts with any person,
2    firm, or corporation; and
3        (11) purchase mortgage loans on residential real
4    property originated by financial institutions.
5    Section 65. Loans to General Revenue Fund authorized;
6continuing appropriation. The State Treasurer and the
7Director of the Governor's Office of Management and Budget
8may, when the balance in the General Revenue Fund is
9insufficient to meet legislative appropriations, execute and
10issue on behalf of the State evidences of indebtedness on the
11General Revenue Fund that at no time may exceed the total
12principal amount of $10,000,000 with principal maturity of not
13more than 12 months. As a condition precedent to the issuance
14and sale of the evidences of indebtedness, the State Treasurer
15must request and obtain a statement from the Director of the
16Governor's Office of Management and Budget and the Director of
17Revenue certifying that anticipated General Revenue Fund
18revenues for the balance of the fiscal year in which the
19evidences of indebtedness are to be issued will exceed the
20principal amount and interest on the evidences of indebtedness
21to be issued. The Department may in turn direct the Illinois
22State Bank to make loans to the General Revenue Fund by the
23purchase of the evidences of indebtedness at those rates of
24interest as the Department may prescribe. After evidences of
25indebtedness have been issued and sold pursuant to this



HB1103- 10 -LRB103 05059 BMS 50073 b

1Section, the State Treasurer shall establish a fund for the
2repayment of the principal upon maturity and the interest when
3due. The State Treasurer shall place all available General
4Revenue Fund revenues into this fund until the fund contains a
5sufficient balance for the repayment of the principal at
6maturity and interest when due, which moneys are hereby
7appropriated for this purpose.
8    Section 70. Bank loans to beginning farmers; revolving
9loan fund; requirements.
10    (a) A revolving loan fund must be maintained in the
11Illinois State Bank for the purpose of making or participating
12in loans to Illinois beginning farmers for the purchase of
13agricultural real estate, equipment, and livestock. All moneys
14transferred into the fund, interest upon moneys in the fund,
15and payments to the fund of principal and interest on loans
16made from the fund are appropriated for the purpose of
17providing loans and to supplement the interest rate on loans
18to beginning farmers made by this Act under applicable law and
19in accordance with this Section.
20    (b) The revolving loan fund and loans made from the fund
21must be administered and supervised by the Bank. The Bank may
22deduct a service fee for administering the fund from interest
23payments received on loans. An application for a loan from the
24fund must be made to the Bank and, upon approval, a loan must
25be made from the fund in accordance with this Section.



HB1103- 11 -LRB103 05059 BMS 50073 b

1    (c) A loan made from the fund may not exceed 80% of the
2appraised value of the agricultural collateral, with the
3actual percentage to be determined by the Bank. The Bank may do
4all things and acts and may establish additional terms and
5conditions necessary to make a loan under this Section. A loan
6made from the fund must have a first security interest.
7    (d) A loan made from the fund must have the interest rate
8fixed at 1% below the Bank's then current base rate for the
9first 5 years with a maximum rate of 6% per year and variable
10at 1% below the Bank's then current base rate for the second 5
11years. During the second 5 years, the variable rate must be
12adjusted annually on the anniversary date. The rate during the
13remaining term of the loan floats at the Bank's base rate as in
14effect from time to time.
15    (e) The maximum term of a real estate loan is 25 years. The
16maximum term of a farm equipment or livestock loan is 7 years.
17    (f) The Department shall contract with a certified public
18accounting firm to audit the fund as necessary. The cost of the
19audit, and any other actual costs incurred by the Bank on
20behalf of the fund, must be paid for by the fund.
21    (g) The Bank shall adopt rules necessary to implement this
23    Section 75. Name in which business conducted and titles
24taken; execution of instruments. All business of the Bank
25must be conducted under the name of "The Illinois State Bank".



HB1103- 12 -LRB103 05059 BMS 50073 b

1Title to property pertaining to the operation of the Bank must
2be obtained and conveyed in the name of "The State of Illinois,
3doing business as The Illinois State Bank". Instruments must
4be executed in the name of the State. Within the scope of
5authority granted by the Department, the president may execute
6instruments on behalf of the Bank, including any instrument
7granting, conveying, or otherwise affecting any interest in or
8lien upon real or personal property. Other officers or
9employees of, and legal counsel to, the Bank may execute
10instruments on behalf of the Bank when authorized by the
12    Section 80. Civil actions. Civil actions may be brought
13against the State on account of claims for relief claimed to
14have arisen out of transactions connected with the operation
15of the Illinois State Bank upon condition that the provisions
16of this Section are complied with. In such actions, the State
17must be designated as "The State of Illinois, doing business
18as The Illinois State Bank". The actions may be brought in the
19same manner and are subject to the same provisions of law as
20other civil actions.
21    Section 85. Surety on appeal, attachment, claim and
22delivery, and other cases in which undertaking required.
23Provisions of law requiring that a surety or sureties be given
24on undertakings in actions on appeal, attachment, claim and



HB1103- 13 -LRB103 05059 BMS 50073 b

1delivery, and other cases in which an undertaking is required,
2are not applicable to the State of Illinois, doing business as
3the Illinois State Bank, as the party seeking relief. The
4Illinois State Bank is required to give its own undertaking
5without surety and to reimburse the adverse party when
6required by law.
7    Section 90. Examinations and audit reports. The Auditor
8General shall contract with an independent certified public
9accounting firm for an annual audit of the Illinois State Bank
10in accordance with generally accepted government auditing
11standards. The Auditor General shall audit annually or
12contract for an annual audit of the separate programs and
13funds administered by the Illinois State Bank. On request of
14the Auditor General, the Department shall assist the Auditor
15General in the auditing firm selection process, but the
16selection of the auditing firm is the Auditor General's
17responsibility. The auditor selected shall prepare an audit
18report that includes financial statements presented in
19accordance with the audit and accounting guide for banks and
20savings institutions issued by the American Institute of
21Certified Public Accountants. The auditor also shall prepare
22audited financial statements for inclusion in the
23comprehensive annual financial report for the State. The State
24auditor may conduct performance audits of the Illinois State
25Bank, including the separate programs and funds administered



HB1103- 14 -LRB103 05059 BMS 50073 b

1by the Bank. The Auditor General shall report the results of
2the audit to the Department and to the General Assembly. The
3Illinois State Bank or its separate programs and funds shall
4pay the costs of the audit. The Department shall examine the
5Illinois State Bank at least once each 24 months and conduct
6any investigation of the Bank that may be necessary. The
7Secretary shall report the examination results, and the
8results of any necessary investigation, to the Department as
9soon as practicable and to the legislative assembly. The
10Department shall charge a fee for any examination or
11investigation at an hourly rate to be set by the Secretary,
12sufficient to cover all reasonable expenses of the Department
13associated with the examinations and investigations provided
14for by this Section.
15    Section 95. Electronic fund transfer systems. The
16Illinois State Bank may establish, by rule adopted by the
17Department, a system to provide fund transfer services to its
18customers and to the customers of State-chartered and
19federally chartered banks located within the State of
20Illinois, and to other financial institutions otherwise
21authorized to utilize the services of electronic fund transfer
22systems. The Bank may acquire such equipment as is necessary
23to establish electronic fund transfer systems and may impose
24reasonable charges for services rendered to other banks under
25this Act as may be established by the Department.



HB1103- 15 -LRB103 05059 BMS 50073 b

1    Section 100. Confidentiality of Bank records. The
2following records of the Illinois State Bank are confidential:
3        (1) Commercial or financial information of a customer,
4    whether obtained directly or indirectly, except for
5    routine credit inquiries or unless required by due legal
6    process. As used in this item (1), "customer" means any
7    person who has transacted or is transacting business with,
8    or has used or is using the services of, the Illinois State
9    Bank, or for whom the Illinois State Bank has acted as a
10    fiduciary with respect to trust property.
11        (2) Internal or interagency memorandums or letters
12    that would not be available by law to a party other than in
13    litigation with the Bank.
14        (3) Information contained in or related to
15    examination, operating, or condition reports prepared by,
16    on behalf of, or for the use of a State or federal agency
17    responsible for the regulation or supervision of any Bank
18    activity.
19        (4) Information obtained from the Department that
20    would not be available from that agency under applicable
21    law.
22        (5) The report by a Bank officer or member of the
23    Bank's advisory board of directors concerning personal
24    financial statements.



HB1103- 16 -LRB103 05059 BMS 50073 b

1    Section 105. Custodian of securities. Notwithstanding any
2other provision of law to the contrary, the Illinois State
3Bank shall replace the State Treasurer as the custodian of all
4securities that are required to be deposited with the State
5except that the State Treasurer is the custodian of all
6securities resulting from the investment of funds by the State
7Treasurer, or except as otherwise required by this Section and
8by law.
9    Section 110. Sale and leasing of acquired agricultural
10real estate. The sale and leasing of agricultural real estate
11with an appraised value of $10,000 or more acquired by the
12Illinois State Bank through foreclosure or deed in lieu of
13foreclosure must be done in accordance with law and policies
14adopted by the Department. The sale and leasing of
15agricultural real estate with an appraised value of less than
16$10,000, acquired by the Illinois State Bank through
17foreclosure or deed in lieu of foreclosure, may be done in a
18manner as the Bank determines is appropriate given the
19circumstances. In the case of a lease by the party holding the
20right of redemption, that party has the right to purchase at
21any time.
22    Section 115. Illinois higher education savings plan;
23administration; rules; continuing appropriation. The Illinois
24State Bank shall adopt rules to administer, manage, promote,



HB1103- 17 -LRB103 05059 BMS 50073 b

1and market an Illinois higher education savings plan. The Bank
2shall ensure that the Illinois higher education savings plan
3is maintained in compliance with Internal Revenue Service
4standards for qualified State tuition programs. The Bank, as
5trustee of the Illinois higher education savings plan, may
6impose an annual administrative fee to recover expenses
7incurred in connection with operation of the plan or for other
8programs deemed to promote attendance at an institution of
9higher education. Administrative fees received by the Bank are
10appropriated on a continuing basis to be used as provided in
11this Section. Contributions made during the taxable year to a
12higher education savings plan administered by the Bank,
13pursuant to the provisions of the plan, are eligible for an
14income tax deduction as provided by law. Information related
15to contributions is confidential except as is needed by the
16Director of Revenue for determining compliance with the income
17tax deduction as provided by law.
18    Section 900. The Illinois State Auditing Act is amended by
19changing Section 3-1 as follows:
20    (30 ILCS 5/3-1)  (from Ch. 15, par. 303-1)
21    Sec. 3-1. Jurisdiction of Auditor General. The Auditor
22General has jurisdiction over all State agencies to make post
23audits and investigations authorized by or under this Act or
24the Constitution.



HB1103- 18 -LRB103 05059 BMS 50073 b

1    The Auditor General has jurisdiction over local government
2agencies and private agencies only:
3        (a) to make such post audits authorized by or under
4    this Act as are necessary and incidental to a post audit of
5    a State agency or of a program administered by a State
6    agency involving public funds of the State, but this
7    jurisdiction does not include any authority to review
8    local governmental agencies in the obligation, receipt,
9    expenditure or use of public funds of the State that are
10    granted without limitation or condition imposed by law,
11    other than the general limitation that such funds be used
12    for public purposes;
13        (b) to make investigations authorized by or under this
14    Act or the Constitution; and
15        (c) to make audits of the records of local government
16    agencies to verify actual costs of state-mandated programs
17    when directed to do so by the Legislative Audit Commission
18    at the request of the State Board of Appeals under the
19    State Mandates Act.
20    In addition to the foregoing, the Auditor General may
21conduct an audit of the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition
22Authority, the Regional Transportation Authority, the Suburban
23Bus Division, the Commuter Rail Division and the Chicago
24Transit Authority and any other subsidized carrier when
25authorized by the Legislative Audit Commission. Such audit may
26be a financial, management or program audit, or any



HB1103- 19 -LRB103 05059 BMS 50073 b

1combination thereof.
2    The audit shall determine whether they are operating in
3accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Subject
4to the limitations of this Act, the Legislative Audit
5Commission may by resolution specify additional determinations
6to be included in the scope of the audit.
7    In addition to the foregoing, the Auditor General must
8also conduct a financial audit of the Illinois Sports
9Facilities Authority's expenditures of public funds in
10connection with the reconstruction, renovation, remodeling,
11extension, or improvement of all or substantially all of any
12existing "facility", as that term is defined in the Illinois
13Sports Facilities Authority Act.
14    The Auditor General may also conduct an audit, when
15authorized by the Legislative Audit Commission, of any
16hospital which receives 10% or more of its gross revenues from
17payments from the State of Illinois, Department of Healthcare
18and Family Services (formerly Department of Public Aid),
19Medical Assistance Program.
20    The Auditor General is authorized to conduct financial and
21compliance audits of the Illinois Distance Learning Foundation
22and the Illinois Conservation Foundation.
23    As soon as practical after the effective date of this
24amendatory Act of 1995, the Auditor General shall conduct a
25compliance and management audit of the City of Chicago and any
26other entity with regard to the operation of Chicago O'Hare



HB1103- 20 -LRB103 05059 BMS 50073 b

1International Airport, Chicago Midway Airport and Merrill C.
2Meigs Field. The audit shall include, but not be limited to, an
3examination of revenues, expenses, and transfers of funds;
4purchasing and contracting policies and practices; staffing
5levels; and hiring practices and procedures. When completed,
6the audit required by this paragraph shall be distributed in
7accordance with Section 3-14.
8    The Auditor General shall conduct a financial and
9compliance and program audit of distributions from the
10Municipal Economic Development Fund during the immediately
11preceding calendar year pursuant to Section 8-403.1 of the
12Public Utilities Act at no cost to the city, village, or
13incorporated town that received the distributions.
14    The Auditor General must conduct an audit of the Health
15Facilities and Services Review Board pursuant to Section 19.5
16of the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Act.
17    The Auditor General of the State of Illinois shall
18annually conduct or cause to be conducted a financial and
19compliance audit of the books and records of any county water
20commission organized pursuant to the Water Commission Act of
211985 and shall file a copy of the report of that audit with the
22Governor and the Legislative Audit Commission. The filed audit
23shall be open to the public for inspection. The cost of the
24audit shall be charged to the county water commission in
25accordance with Section 6z-27 of the State Finance Act. The
26county water commission shall make available to the Auditor



HB1103- 21 -LRB103 05059 BMS 50073 b

1General its books and records and any other documentation,
2whether in the possession of its trustees or other parties,
3necessary to conduct the audit required. These audit
4requirements apply only through July 1, 2007.
5    The Auditor General must conduct audits of the Rend Lake
6Conservancy District as provided in Section 25.5 of the River
7Conservancy Districts Act.
8    The Auditor General must conduct financial audits of the
9Southeastern Illinois Economic Development Authority as
10provided in Section 70 of the Southeastern Illinois Economic
11Development Authority Act.
12    The Auditor General shall conduct a compliance audit in
13accordance with subsections (d) and (f) of Section 30 of the
14Innovation Development and Economy Act.
15    The Auditor General must contract with an independent
16certified public accounting firm for an annual audit of the
17Illinois State Bank as provided in Section 90 of the Illinois
18State Bank Act.
19(Source: P.A. 95-331, eff. 8-21-07; 96-31, eff. 6-30-09;
2096-939, eff. 6-24-10.)
21    Section 905. The Eminent Domain Act is amended by adding
22Section 15-5-49 as follows:
23    (735 ILCS 30/15-5-49 new)
24    Sec. 15-5-49. Eminent domain powers in new Acts. The



HB1103- 22 -LRB103 05059 BMS 50073 b

1following provisions of law may include express grants of the
2power to acquire property by condemnation or eminent domain:
3    Illinois State Bank Act; The Illinois State Bank; for purposes
4    of the Act.