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Full Text of SB3353  103rd General Assembly



SB3353 EnrolledLRB103 38200 RLC 68333 b

1    AN ACT concerning criminal law.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 1. Short title. This Act may be cited as the
5Community-Based Corrections Task Force Act.
6    Section 5. Community-Based Corrections Task Force;
7creation. The Community-Based Corrections Task Force is
8created. The Task Force shall study and develop innovative
9ways to introduce community-based corrections and
10rehabilitation into the State's correctional system and
11develop a community-based correctional program that would
12support or remove barriers to community-based corrections in
13Illinois, with a focus on pretrial services and those
14sentenced to probation.
15    Section 10. Task Force; duties. The Task Force shall have
16the following duties:
17    (1) Engage community organizations, interested groups, and
18members of the public for the purpose of assessing:
19        (A) community-based alternatives to detention and the
20    adoption and implementation of such alternatives; and
21        (B) the benefits of specialty courts in rehabilitating
22    justice involved individuals.



SB3353 Enrolled- 2 -LRB103 38200 RLC 68333 b

1    (2) Review available research and data on the efficacy of
2community-based alternatives to detention at the local, State,
3and national level.
4    (3) Make recommendations or suggestions for changes to the
5Code of Criminal Procedure of 1963, the Unified Code of
6Correction, and other relevant statutes.
7    Section 15. Task Force members.
8    (a) The Task Force shall consist of the following members:
9        (1) 4 members appointed by the Senate President,
10    including 2 members of the Senate and 2 members of the
11    public, with one member of the Senate, appointed by the
12    Senate President, to serve as chair of the Task Force;
13        (2) 4 members appointed by the Senate Minority Leader,
14    including 2 members of the Senate and 2 members of the
15    public;
16        (3) 4 members appointed by the Speaker of the House,
17    including 2 members of the House and 2 members of the
18    public;
19        (4) 4 members appointed by the Minority Leader of the
20    House of Representatives, including 2 members of the House
21    and 2 members of the public;
22        (5) a member appointed by the Prisoner Review Board;
23        (6) a member appointed by the Illinois Criminal
24    Justice Information Authority;
25        (7) a member from a statewide organization that



SB3353 Enrolled- 3 -LRB103 38200 RLC 68333 b

1    represents public defenders appointed by the State
2    Appellate Defender;
3        (8) a member who represents problem-solving courts
4    appointed by the Administrative Office of the Illinois
5    Courts;
6        (9) a member who represents an organization that
7    provides reentry services appointed by the Department of
8    Corrections Parole Division;
9        (10) a member appointed by the Governor's Office of
10    Management and Budget;
11        (11) 5 graduates of specialty courts appointed by the
12    Governor;
13        (12) 2 retired specialty court judges appointed by the
14    Governor;
15        (13) the Executive Director of the Illinois Sentencing
16    Policy Advisory Council, or his or her designee;
17        (14) a member who represents the State's Attorneys
18    Association appointed by the Governor;
19        (15) a member who represents the Illinois Sheriffs'
20    Association appointed by the Governor;
21        (16) a member who represents downstate courts
22    appointed by the Governor;
23        (17) a member who represents Cook County Courts
24    appointed by the Governor; and
25        (18) a member who represents adult probation appointed
26    by the Governor.



SB3353 Enrolled- 4 -LRB103 38200 RLC 68333 b

1    (b) Appointments to the Task Force shall be made within 90
2days after the effective date of this Act.
3    (c) The Task Force shall meet no less than 5 times.
4    (d) The members of the Task Force shall serve without
6    (e) The Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority
7shall provide administrative and technical support for the
8Task Force and is responsible for ensuring that the
9requirements of the Task Force are met.
10    Section 20. Report.
11    (a) On or before December 31, 2025, the Task Force shall
12publish a final report of its findings, developments, and
13recommendations and after the publication of its final report
14the Task Force shall be dissolved. The report shall, at a
15minimum, detail findings and recommendations related to the
16duties of the Task Force and the following:
17        (1) information and recommendations related to the
18    benefits of community-based corrections and specialty
19    courts; and
20        (2) the development and implementation of a new
21    community-based corrections program.
22    (b) The final report shall be shared with the following:
23        (1) the General Assembly; and
24        (2) the Offices of the Governor and Lieutenant
25    Governor.



SB3353 Enrolled- 5 -LRB103 38200 RLC 68333 b

1    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
2becoming law.