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Full Text of SR0270  100th General Assembly




SR0270LRB100 11619 MST 22346 r


2    WHEREAS, The month of April is designated nationally and
3internationally as Autism Awareness Month; and
4    WHEREAS, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) affect a growing
5number of Illinois residents and their families; and
6    WHEREAS, According to the Centers for Disease Control and
7Prevention, the prevalence of ASDs has increased from one in
8150 children as of 2002, to one in 68 children today; based on
9these figures, more than 40,000 school-age children in Illinois
10have an ASD; and
11    WHEREAS, In 2003, to improve the State's response to
12autism, Illinois passed Public Act 93-395, which created The
13Autism Program of Illinois (TAP); and
14    WHEREAS, TAP brings together universities and nonprofit
15organizations from across Illinois to implement a system of
16care for those with ASD; and
17    WHEREAS, Over the past 14 years, TAP has developed into the
18largest statewide autism resource and service network in the
19nation; and



SR0270- 2 -LRB100 11619 MST 22346 r

1    WHEREAS, TAP currently operates centers or other programs
2in partnership with the University of Illinois Chicago,
3Illinois State University, Southern Illinois University,
4Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago-Rockford Service Center,
5Easter Seals Central Illinois, RCADD - Chicago, Trinity
6Services, Kreider Services, the CTF Illinois, Little Friends
7Inc., Have Dreams, and the Hope Institute for Children and
8Families; and
9    WHEREAS, TAP has provided direct services to more than
108,500 Illinois families and trained more than 88,000 family
11members, educators, health care providers, day care providers,
12and first responders; and
13    WHEREAS, The TAP service model has been validated by
14researchers at Baylor University with many major national
15organizations seeking partnership with TAP; and
16    WHEREAS, Despite TAP's many accomplishments, there remain
17unmet needs, and much work needs to be done in Illinois;
18therefore, be it
20ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we designate April 2,
212017 as World Autism Awareness Day in the State of Illinois;
22and be it further



SR0270- 3 -LRB100 11619 MST 22346 r

1    RESOLVED, That we congratulate the members of TAP and its
2many partners on the occasion of its 14th anniversary, and
3pledge our continuing support to Illinois families impacted by
4autism; and be it further
5    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
6presented to The Autism Program of Illinois.