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Full Text of SB0203  103rd General Assembly


Sen. Karina Villa

Filed: 3/24/2023





10300SB0203sam001LRB103 25085 LNS 59984 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 203 by replacing
3everything after the enacting clause with the following:
4    "Section 5. The Illinois Pesticide Act is amended by
5changing Section 24.1 as follows:
6    (415 ILCS 60/24.1)  (from Ch. 5, par. 824.1)
7    Sec. 24.1. Administrative actions and penalties.
8    (1) The Director is authorized after an opportunity for an
9administrative hearing to suspend, revoke, or modify any
10license, permit, special order, registration, or certification
11issued under this Act. This action may be taken in addition to
12or in lieu of monetary penalties assessed as set forth in this
13Section. When it is in the interest of the people of the State
14of Illinois, the Director may, upon good and sufficient
15evidence, suspend the registration, license, or permit until a
16hearing has been held. In such cases, the Director shall issue



10300SB0203sam001- 2 -LRB103 25085 LNS 59984 a

1an order in writing setting forth the reasons for the
2suspension. Such order shall be served personally on the
3person or by registered or certified mail sent to the person's
4business address as shown in the latest notification to the
5Department. When such an order has been issued by the
6Director, the person may request an immediate hearing.
7    (2) Before initiating hearing proceedings, the Director
8may issue an advisory letter to a violator of this Act or its
9rules and regulations when the violation points total 6 or
10less, as determined by the Department by the Use and Violation
11Criteria established in this Section. When the Department
12determines that the violation points total more than 6 but not
13more than 13, the Director shall issue a warning letter to the
15    (3) The hearing officer upon determination of a violation
16or violations shall assess one or more of the following
18        (A) For any person applying pesticides without a
19    license or misrepresenting certification or failing to
20    comply with conditions of an agrichemical facility permit
21    or failing to comply with the conditions of a written
22    authorization for land application of agrichemical
23    contaminated soils or groundwater, a penalty of $500 shall
24    be assessed for the first offense and $1,000 for the
25    second and subsequent offenses.
26        (B) For violations of a stop use order imposed by the



10300SB0203sam001- 3 -LRB103 25085 LNS 59984 a

1    Director, the penalty shall be $2500.
2        (C) For violations of a stop sale order imposed by the
3    Director, the penalty shall be $1500 for each individual
4    item of the product found in violation of the order.
5        (D) For selling restricted use pesticides to a
6    non-certified applicator the penalty shall be $1000.
7        (E) For selling restricted use pesticides without a
8    dealer's license the penalty shall be $1,000.
9        (F) For constructing or operating without an
10    agrichemical facility permit after receiving written
11    notification, the penalty shall be $500 for the first
12    offense and $1,000 for the second and subsequent offenses.
13        (F-5) For any person found by the Department to have
14    committed a use inconsistent with the label, as defined in
15    subsection 40 of Section 4, that results in human exposure
16    to a pesticide, the penalty shall be assessed in
17    accordance with this paragraph (F-5). The Department shall
18    impose a penalty under this paragraph (F-5) only if it
19    represents an amount greater than the penalty assessed
20    under subparagraph (G). The amount of the penalty under
21    this paragraph (F-5) is calculated as follows:
22            (a) If fewer than 3 humans are exposed, then the
23        penalty shall be $500 for each human exposed.
24            (b) If 3 or more humans but fewer than 5 humans are
25        exposed, then the penalty shall be $750 for each human
26        exposed.



10300SB0203sam001- 4 -LRB103 25085 LNS 59984 a

1            (c) If 5 or more humans are exposed, then the
2        penalty shall be $1,250 for each human exposed.
3        If a penalty is imposed under this paragraph (F-5),
4    the Department shall redetermine the total violation
5    points under subsection (4), less any points under
6    subsection (4) stemming from human exposure, and impose
7    any additional penalty under subparagraph (G) based on the
8    new total. The reassessed total shall not affect any
9    determination under subsection (2); any determination
10    under subsection (2) shall be determined by the full
11    application of points under subsection (4).
12        (G) For violations of the Act and rules and
13    regulations, administrative penalties will be based upon
14    the total violation points as determined by the Use and
15    Violation Criteria as set forth in paragraph (4) of this
16    Section. The monetary penalties shall be as follows:
17Total Violation PointsMonetary Penalties
1917-19 $1000
2020-21 $2500
2122-25 $5000
2226-29 $7500
2330 and above$10,000
24    (4) Subject to paragraph (F-5), the The following Use and
25Violation Criteria establishes the point value which shall be
26compiled to determine the total violation points and



10300SB0203sam001- 5 -LRB103 25085 LNS 59984 a

1administrative actions or monetary penalties to be imposed as
2set forth in paragraph (3)(G) of this Section:
3        (A) Point values shall be assessed upon the harm or
4    loss incurred.
5            (1) A point value of 1 shall be assessed for the
6        following:
7                (a) Exposure to a pesticide by plants, animals
8            or humans with no symptoms or damage noted.
9                (b) Fraudulent sales practices or
10            representations with no apparent monetary losses
11            involved.
12            (2) A point value of 2 shall be assessed for the
13        following:
14                (a) Exposure to a pesticide which resulted in:
15                    (1) Plants or property showing signs of
16                damage including but not limited to leaf curl,
17                burning, wilting, spotting, discoloration, or
18                dying.
19                    (2) Garden produce or an agricultural crop
20                not being harvested on schedule.
21                    (3) Fraudulent sales practices or
22                representations resulting in losses under
23                $500.
24            (3) A point value of 4 shall be assessed for the
25        following:
26                (a) Exposure to a pesticide resulting in a



10300SB0203sam001- 6 -LRB103 25085 LNS 59984 a

1            human experiencing headaches, nausea, eye
2            irritation and such other symptoms which persisted
3            less than 3 days.
4                (b) Plant or property damage resulting in a
5            loss below $1000.
6                (c) Animals exhibiting symptoms of pesticide
7            poisoning including but not limited to eye or skin
8            irritations or lack of coordination.
9                (d) Death to less than 5 animals.
10                (e) Fraudulent sales practices or
11            representations resulting in losses from $500 to
12            $2000.
13            (4) A point value of 6 shall be assessed for the
14        following:
15                (a) Exposure to a pesticide resulting in a
16            human experiencing headaches, nausea, eye
17            irritation and such other symptoms which persisted
18            3 or more days.
19                (b) Plant or property damage resulting in a
20            loss of $1000 or more.
21                (c) Death to 5 or more animals.
22                (d) Fraudulent sales practices or
23            representations resulting in losses over $2000.
24        (B) Point values shall be assessed based upon the
25    signal word on the label of the chemical involved:
26Point ValueSignal Word



10300SB0203sam001- 7 -LRB103 25085 LNS 59984 a

1 1  Caution
2 2  Warning
3 4  Danger/Poison
4        (C) Point values shall be assessed based upon the
5    degree of responsibility.
6Point ValueDegree of Responsibility
72Accidental (such as equipment
8 malfunction)
11        (D) Point values shall be assessed based upon the
12    violator's history for the previous 3 years:
13Point ValueRecord
142Advisory letter
153Warning letter
19Previous criminal conviction of this Act or administrative violation resulting in a monetary penalty
207Certification, license or
21registration currently
22suspended or revoked
23        (E) Point values shall be assessed based upon the
24    violation type:
25            (1) Application Oriented:
26Point ValueViolation



10300SB0203sam001- 8 -LRB103 25085 LNS 59984 a

11Inadequate records
22Lack of supervision
32Faulty equipment
4            Use contrary to label directions:
52a. resulting in exposure to
6applicator or operator
73b. resulting in exposure to
8other persons or the
103c. precautionary statements,
11sites, rates, restricted use
133Water contamination
143Storage or disposal contrary
15to label directions
163Pesticide drift
174Direct application to a
18 non-target site
196Falsification of records
21Failure to secure a permit or violation of permit or special
22 order
23            (2) Product Oriented:
24Point ValueViolation
256Pesticide not registered
264Product label claims differ



10300SB0203sam001- 9 -LRB103 25085 LNS 59984 a

1from approved label
3Product composition (active ingredients differs from
4that of approved label)
54Product not colored as required
64Misbranding as set forth in
7Section 5 of the Act (4
8points will be assessed for
9each count)
10        (5) Any penalty not paid within 60 days of notice from
11    the Department shall be submitted to the Attorney
12    General's Office for collection. Failure to pay a penalty
13    shall also be grounds for suspension or revocation of
14    permits, licenses and registrations.
15        (6) Private applicators, except those private
16    applicators who have been found by the Department to have
17    committed a "use inconsistent with the label" as defined
18    in subsection 40 of Section 4 of this Act, are exempt from
19    the Use and Violation Criteria point values.
20(Source: P.A. 102-558, eff. 8-20-21.)
21    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
22becoming law.".