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Full Text of HB2147  103rd General Assembly


Sen. Ram Villivalam

Filed: 5/11/2023





10300HB2147sam004LRB103 25501 RPS 61828 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 2147, AS AMENDED,
3in Section 5, in the introductory clause, by replacing "and
416-127" with ", 16-127, and 16-132"; and
5in Section 5, immediately below Sec. 16-127, by inserting the
7    "(40 ILCS 5/16-132)  (from Ch. 108 1/2, par. 16-132)
8    Sec. 16-132. Retirement annuity eligibility. A member who
9has at least 20 years of creditable service is entitled to a
10retirement annuity upon or after attainment of age 55. A
11member who has at least 10 but less than 20 years of creditable
12service is entitled to a retirement annuity upon or after
13attainment of age 60. A member who has at least 5 but less than
1410 years of creditable service is entitled to a retirement
15annuity upon or after attainment of age 62. A member who (i)
16has earned during the period immediately preceding the last



10300HB2147sam004- 2 -LRB103 25501 RPS 61828 a

1day of service at least one year of contributing creditable
2service as an employee of a department as defined in Section
314-103.04, (ii) has earned at least 5 years of contributing
4creditable service as an employee of a department as defined
5in Section 14-103.04, and (iii) retires on or after January 1,
62001 is entitled to a retirement annuity upon or after
7attainment of an age which, when added to the number of years
8of his or her total creditable service, equals at least 85.
9Portions of years shall be counted as decimal equivalents.
10    A member who is eligible to receive a retirement annuity
11of at least 74.6% of final average salary and will attain age
1255 on or before December 31 during the year which commences on
13July 1 shall be deemed to attain age 55 on the preceding June
15    A member meeting the above eligibility conditions is
16entitled to a retirement annuity upon written application to
17the board setting forth the date the member wishes the
18retirement annuity to commence. However, the effective date of
19the retirement annuity shall be no earlier than the day
20following the last day of creditable service, regardless of
21the date of official termination of employment; however, upon
22written application within 6 months after the effective date
23of this amendatory Act of the 103rd General Assembly by a
24member or annuitant, the creditable service and earnings
25received in the last fiscal year of employment may be
26disregarded when determining the retirement effective date and



10300HB2147sam004- 3 -LRB103 25501 RPS 61828 a

1the retirement benefit except that the effective date of a
2retirement annuity may be after the date of official
3termination of employment as long as such employment is for
4(1) less than 10 days in length; and (2) less than $2,500
5$2,000 in creditable earnings; and (3) the last fiscal year of
6employment includes only a fiscal year beginning on or after
7July 1, 2016 and ending before June 30,2023 compensation. The
8retirement effective date may not, as a result of the
9application of this amendatory Act of the 103rd General
10Assembly, be earlier than July 1, 2016.
11    To be eligible for a retirement annuity, a member shall
12not be employed as a teacher in the schools included under this
13System or under Article 17, except (i) as provided in Section
1416-118 or 16-150.1, (ii) if the member is disabled (in which
15event, eligibility for salary must cease), or (iii) if the
16System is required by federal law to commence payment due to
17the member's age; the changes to this sentence made by this
18amendatory Act of the 93rd General Assembly apply without
19regard to whether the member terminated employment before or
20after its effective date.
21(Source: P.A. 102-871, eff. 5-13-22.)".