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Full Text of SB3936  102nd General Assembly


Sen. Elgie R. Sims, Jr.

Filed: 2/7/2022





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 3936 on page 1, by
3inserting immediately below line 12 the following:
4    ""Safe2Help Illinois Manager" means the designated program
5manager that works in collaboration with all agencies involved
6in Safe2Help Illinois, providing marketing, and logistical
7support to the implementation of the Safe2Help Illinois
8Program."; and
9on page 3, lines 3 and 4, by deleting "and risk assessment";
11on page 3, by replacing lines 7 through 14 with the following:
12    "(d) Beginning on the date that Safe2Help Illinois is
13operational, any State or locally operated school violence
14help line currently in operation shall work in conjunction
15with Safe2Help Illinois as needed. The CPS Violence Prevention
16Hotline"; and



10200SB3936sam001- 2 -LRB102 23905 RLC 35856 a

1on page 4, line 3, by deleting "and administrative"; and
2on page 4, by replacing lines 10 through 23 with the following:
3    "(f) The Illinois State Police shall ensure that program
4personnel or call center staff, or both, are appropriately
5trained in the following areas:
6        (1) crisis management, including recognizing mental
7    illness and emotional disturbance;
8        (2) the resources that are available for providing
9    mental health and other human services;
10        (3) matters determined by the Illinois State Police to
11    be relevant to the operation of the program; and
12        (4) handling of criminal intelligence information
13    regarding primary and data collection, storage, and
14    dissemination."; and
15on page 5, by replacing line 5 with the following:
16"services are needed will be referred to the"; and
17on page 9, line 8, by deleting "operated by the Illinois State
18Police"; and
19on page 9, line 22, by deleting "(a)"; and
20on page 10, by deleting lines 6 through 11; and



10200SB3936sam001- 3 -LRB102 23905 RLC 35856 a

1on page 10, by replacing lines 12 and 13 with the following:
2    "Section 40. Annual reporting. The Safe2Help Illinois
3program manager, in consultation with the Illinois State
4Police and the State Board of Education, shall"; and
5on page 10, line 19, by replacing "Illinois State Police's
6dedicated" with "dedicated Safe2Help Illinois"; and
7on page 11, line 4, by replacing "to mental health services"
8with "for human services"; and
9by deleting line 18 on page 11 through line 7 on page 12.