Sen. Donald P. DeWitte

Filed: 4/16/2021





10200SB0508sam001LRB102 04495 HLH 25274 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 508 by replacing
3everything from line 11 on page 19 through line 3 on page 20
4with the following:
5    "(35 ILCS 200/18-233 new)
6    Sec. 18-233. Adjustments for certificates of error,
7certain court orders, or final administrative decisions of the
8Property Tax Appeal Board. Beginning in levy year 2021, a
9taxing district levy shall be increased by a prior year
10adjustment whenever an assessment decrease due to the issuance
11of a certificate of error, a court order issued pursuant to an
12assessment valuation complaint under Section 23-15, or a final
13administrative decision of the Property Tax Appeal Board
14results in a refund from the taxing district of a portion of
15the property tax revenue distributed to the taxing district.
16Whenever an adjustment is required under this Section, the
17aggregate levy of the taxing district shall be increased by a



10200SB0508sam001- 2 -LRB102 04495 HLH 25274 a

1supplemental levy to recapture the property tax revenue lost
2by the refunds paid by the taxing district. The supplemental
3levy shall be applied by the county clerk annually to the
4taxing district's total levy in an amount determined by the
5county treasurer who shall certify to the county clerk the
6aggregate refunds paid by a taxing district for purposes of
7this Section. The supplemental levy may not exceed an amount
8equal to the aggregate refunds paid by the taxing district for
9the 12-month period prior to November 1 of each year. On or
10before November 15 of each year, the county treasurer shall
11certify the aggregate refunds paid by a taxing district during
12such 12-month period for purposes of this Section. For
13purposes of this Division, the taxing district's aggregate
14extension base shall not include the supplemental levy
15authorized under this Section.".