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Full Text of HB3587  102nd General Assembly


Sen. Robert Peters

Filed: 5/21/2021





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 3587 by replacing
3everything after the enacting clause with the following:
4    "Section 1. Short title. This Act may be cited as the
5Resentencing Task Force Act.
6    Section 5. Purpose; findings. The State is committed to
7ensuring that sentences of imprisonment continue to advance
8the interest of justice and promote public safety. The task
9force is created by recognizing that in this State, once a
10person is sentenced, there are few meaningful opportunities
11for release.
12    Section 10. Resentencing Task Force; creation. There is
13created the Resentencing Task Force. The task force shall
14study innovative ways to reduce the prison population in
15Illinois from initiations of resentencing motions filed by



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1incarcerated individuals, State's Attorneys, the Illinois
2Department of Corrections and the judicial branch.
3    Section 15. Task Force Members.
4    (a) The Resentencing Task Force shall consist of the
5following members:
6        (1) a member of the House of Representatives appointed
7    by the Speaker of the House;
8        (2) a member of the House of Representatives appointed
9    by the Minority Leader of the House;
10        (3) a member of the Senate appointed by the President
11    of the Senate;
12        (4) a member of the Senate appointed by the Minority
13    Leader of the Senate;
14        (5) a member appointed by a statewide agency that
15    represents State's Attorneys and is elected to a county of
16    under one million people or his or her designee;
17        (6) a member appointed by a statewide agency that
18    represents State's Attorneys;
19        (7) a member appointed by the Office of the State
20    Appellate Defender;
21        (8) a member appointed by an organization that
22    advocates for victims' rights;
23        (9) a member appointed by an organization that
24    advocates for sentencing reform;
25        (10) a member appointed by the Illinois Sentencing



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1    Policy Advisory Council;
2        (11) 3 retired judges appointed by the Governor, each
3    from a different judicial circuit or judicial district;
4        (12) a member of law enforcement appointed by an
5    association representing law enforcement;
6        (13) a member representing the private criminal
7    defense bar;
8        (14) a member appointed by the Public Defender's
9    Association; and
10        (15) a member appointed by the Department of
11    Corrections.
12    (b) The task force shall meet no less than 4 times and
13shall provide recommendations for legislation to the General
14Assembly and the Governor's Office on or before July 1, 2022.
15    (c) The members of the task force shall serve without
17    (d) The Illinois Sentencing Policy Advisory Council shall
18provide administrative and technical support for the task
19force and are responsible for appointing a chairperson and
20ensuring the requirements of the task force are met.
21    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
22becoming law.".