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Full Text of HB2400  102nd General Assembly


Rep. Maura Hirschauer

Filed: 4/13/2021





10200HB2400ham002LRB102 11779 CMG 24835 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 2400 on page 4,
3lines 17 through 24, by replacing "enforcement" each time it
4appears with "enforcement lockdown"; and
5on page 5, lines 1 through 25, by replacing "drill" each time
6it appears with "lockdown drill"; and
7on page 6, line 2, by replacing "drill"; with "lockdown
8drill"; and
9on page 6, by replacing lines 5 through 18 with the following:
10            "(D) All lockdown drills must be announced in
11        advance to all school personnel and students prior to
12        the commencement of the drill.
13            (E) Lockdown drill content must be age appropriate
14        and developmentally appropriate.
15            (F) Lockdown drills must include and involve



10200HB2400ham002- 2 -LRB102 11779 CMG 24835 a

1        school personnel, including school-based mental health
2        professionals.
3            (G) Lockdown drills must include trauma-informed
4        approaches to address the concerns and well-being of
5        students and school personnel."; and
6on page 6, immediately below line 21, by inserting the
8        "(4) School administrators and school support
9    personnel may, in their discretion, exempt a student or
10    students from participating in a walk-through lockdown
11    drill.
12        (5) Schools must provide sufficient information and
13    notification to parents and guardians in advance of any
14    walk-through lockdown drill that involves the
15    participation of students. Schools must also provide to
16    parents and guardians an opportunity to exempt their child
17    for any reason from participating in the walk-through
18    lockdown drill.
19        (6) Schools must provide alternative safety education
20    and instruction related to an active threat or active
21    shooter event to students who do not participate in a
22    walk-through lockdown drill to provide them with essential
23    information, training, and instruction through less
24    sensorial safety training methods.
25        (7) During the drill, students must be allowed to ask



10200HB2400ham002- 3 -LRB102 11779 CMG 24835 a

1    questions related to the drill.
2        (8) Law enforcement may choose to run an active
3    shooter simulation, including simulated gun fire drills,
4    but only on school days when students are not present.
5    Parental notification is not required for drills conducted
6    pursuant to this paragraph (8) if students are not
7    required to be present.".