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SR0718LRB100 13465 MST 28070 r


2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois Senate are saddened to
3learn of the death of Mark Scott Drollinger of Hoopeston, who
4passed away on July 6, 2017; and
5    WHEREAS, Mark Drollinger was born in Danville to Ralph E.
6and Beverly (Watson) Drollinger on April 22, 1963; he served in
7the United States Air Force; he married Susan Ward in Hoopeston
8on March 17, 2017; and
9    WHEREAS, Mark Drollinger was chief of police for the City
10of Hoopeston; he was a former investigator for the Vermilion
11County Sheriff's Department; he was also a former Vermilion
12County Board member and a Hoopeston City Council member; and
13    WHEREAS, Mark Drollinger was a member of the United States
14Golf Association, the Hubbard Trail County Club, the American
15Legion, Mason Star Lodge 709, and the United Community Fund of
16Grant Township; he loved golfing at Hubbard Trail, the
17children's time at the library, visiting the kids at the
18school, and getting together every Sunday with his buddies to
19watch the Bears games; he loved to visit the French Quarter in
20New Orleans and was an avid Chicago sports fan; and
21    WHEREAS, Mark Drollinger was preceded in death by his



SR0718- 2 -LRB100 13465 MST 28070 r

1mother; his sister, Vickie Drollinger (Roger) Beaty; and his
2grandparents; and
3    WHEREAS, Mark Drollinger is survived by his wife, Susan;
4his son, Patrick Drollinger; his stepson, Chris Land; his
5stepmother, V. Jean Taflinger Drollinger; his sister, Nina
6Drollinger; his stepsister, Debra Mae (Lupe) Rivera; his
7stepbrother, Phil (Dee) Hollen; his aunt, Bonnie Watson Swan;
8his uncles, Danny (Gale) Watson and Howard (Carol) Drollinger;
9and several nieces and nephews; therefore, be it
11ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we mourn the passing of
12Mark Scott Drollinger, and extend our sincere condolences to
13his family, friends, and all who knew and loved him; and be it
15    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
16presented to the family of Mark Drollinger as an expression of
17our deepest sympathy.